Concerned about AI?

Within the last few years, AI writing tools have increasingly permeated both professional and academic research paper writing.

This has raised numerous concerns.

Such concerns range from academic impropriety to development of key writing skills.

In most cases, institutions are still trying to decide whether to encourage or dissuade the use of AI writing assistant.

The concerns are more prominent when writing key papers.

Papers such as research papers, capstone projects, or dissertations are central to a student’s grade.

Therefore, learning institutions need to ensure that these papers fulfill their respective purpose.

Reliance on AI in writing may however work against the set purpose.

For some institutions, AI writing cannot be condoned in academia.

In such a case, what do you do?

Seek a research paper writer AI free? Look for ways to avoid AI detection? Work with a writer AI free?

Answers to these questions depend on your institution’s view of or approach towards AI writing tools.

Support for AI

Do learning institutions even support the use of AI writing tools?

Why would be the logic behind it?

If your institution allows the use of AI, then you might not need a research paper writer AI free.

Note that various arguments have been made in support of AI in academic writing.

They include:

1. Use of AI is expected to increase

Proponents of AI writing tools argue that students will eventually graduate into a world where the use of AI will be the norm.

They will therefore be expected to exhibit good AI skills.

This makes it important for them to hone these skills; by learning how to effectively and responsibly use the AI tools.

2. AI can foster critical reading and thinking

The potential to encourage critical reading and thinking is another reason to support AI writing assistant.

If it could help stimulate critical reading and thinking, then what’s the need for research paper writer AI free?

When well used, AI tools can help learners hone their metacognitive skills and improve their revising and feedback skills.

3. AI can help address complex questions

Proponents of AI in writing argue that its use brings up questions about inclusion, equity, learning, authorship, and humanity.

Such questions are important to students as they prepare to work, live, and find solutions in an AI dominated world.  

Starting to ask these questions in college helps students apply their knowledge early since the questions are best answered by liberal arts.

4. AI equips students with tool essential for daily life

Teach AI helps reaffirm existing teaching goals and methods to help students effectively engage the current world.

When AI writing assistant helps you adapt better, you might not require a research paper writer AI free.

Therefore, using AI writing tools in teaching does not account for a transformation in teaching but a way of enhancing the learning experience.

Reasons against AI

As earlier mentioned, many learning institutions and instructors are concerned about AI writing tools.

Some of such concerns include:

1. Potential to harm learning

Many scholars are concerned about AI writing tools’ potential to limit students’ engagement and learning.

Without AI literacy, students can easily exploit shortcuts provided by AI writing assistant, which can negatively affect their learning.

These concerns are more serious within the realms of academia.  

This is one of the reason why for instance, some scholars opt for a research paper writer AI free.

2. Decline in critical thinking

Although when well utilized AI writing tools can foster critical reading and thinking, overreliance can impair the development of a student’s critical thinking skills.

Overuse can negatively affect academic writing.

Those against AI writing assistant argue that it harms creativity and authenticity in writing.

In this, ideas presented do not reflect the student’s thoughts and do not help broaden their views.

3. Negatively affects writing skills

The negative impact on writing skills is another reason why a student may seek a research paper writer AI free.  

Educators argue that reliance on AI writing tools is likely to impede the development of a student’s writing style.

The AI writing tools do not encourage the development of a writer’s voice and tone.

4. May results into errors

It has been argued that AI writing tools can lead to errors and inconsistencies that can result into plagiarism.

Compared to an AI free writer, AI writing tools aggregate data and information from all sources on the internet.

Their inability to verify the information may result into factually inaccurate work or even plagiarized content.

AI Resistant Research Papers

The launch of ChatGPT heralded the beginning AI writing tools domination in professional and academic writing.

Challenges associated with the AI writing assistant are the reason why some students seek a research paper AI free.

For some instructors and institutions, AI writing is still not permissible.

They are worried that AI writing tools will enable students evade the intellectual work demanded by writing assignments.

Despite the current AI writing tools lacking the capacity to produce effective or insightful academic work, some students still try to substitute AI work for their own.

Further, instead of looking for a research paper writer AI free, some students use AI writing assistant to shortcut the research process by summarizing a topic or producing first revisable drafts.

For this reason, some instructors have sought ways to create AI resistant research papers.

How is it done?

1. Emphasizing the writing process

Creating assignments that pay more emphasis to the writing process could help dissuade students from utilizing AI writing tools.

In cases where the final product is not the focus of the assignment, students may be forced to explore other approaches, including working with a research paper writer AI free.

Such assignments should focus on the different steps of writing such as discovery, prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing.

2. Engaging assignments

Instructors should find ways to make the research papers or any other assignments more engaging.

The process-oriented assignments can be designed to incorporate elements such as information sharing, group work, and inquiry to make them more engaging and impactful.

When the assignments are more involving, students are less likely to utilize AI writing tools.

3. Making assignments an extension of the discourse

When assignment become an extension of the class discourse instead of the main grading criteria, students are likely to be dissuaded from using AI writing tools.

In this case, most would prefer to work with a research paper writer AI free.

As an extension of class work, students are challenged to generate new ideas of their own.

4. Making revision part of the assignment

One of the most aspects of AI writing tools that make them unattractive is the challenges they present when revising the work.

It is almost impossible to revise written work generated using AI.

This approach to assignments forces students to critically examine and improve the writing process, which makes it harder to use AI shortcuts.

5. Creating reflective assignments

Using metacognitive and reflective assignment can help students avoid an AI writing assistant.

Such assignments make learning among students visible to them and the instructor.

Students are therefore encouraged to work with a research paper writer AI free.

Further, it helps hold students accountable for the intellectual work required by the course.

Research Paper Writer AI Free

Research paper writing is an art.

With the advent of AI, writing a research paper raises numerous questions.

How should you approach it?

What tools should I use? AI writing assistant? Grammar checking tools? Citation tools?

What if I want to work with a research paper writer AI free?

Note that with or without AI, research paper writing should assume a particular approach.

This approach can be defined by the following phases:

1. Brainstorming

This is the first phase in research paper writing.

A research paper writer AI free must brainstorm the ideas about the topic under study.

The phase entails coming up with as many ideas as possible.

In this phase, ideas are not much scrutinized on their relevance to the topic.

The best approach would entail using tools like thought bubbles, mind mapping, phrases, or words to capture the ideas.

You should keep it simple- avoid writing in paragraphs.

The idea is to generate original concepts; therefore you should not look for perfection.

2. Creating an outline  

Creating an outline is another important phase for a research paper writer AI free.

The phase entails creating a structure for the research paper.

It marks the first analytical step in the writing process.

The phase requires you to segregate good ideas from the bad ones.

You should find links between the ideas and group together the related ones to form appropriate themes.

Then go ahead and arrange the ideas from the most compelling to the least one.

3. Writing a draft

This phase encompasses adding words to the ideas to create logical sentences and paragraphs.

A research paper writer AI free should not focus much on how the writing looks or sounds.

You should give life to the ideas you identified in the previous phase.

Most important thing is to ensure that everything relevant is written down.

4. Editing   

This phase is where the real work is.

It entails revising the research paper draft to make sure that everything has been said the right way.

You should look at the coherency, logic, and grammar used.

A good research paper writer AI free should examine whether the research paper is structurally sound.

Finally, you should refine the introduction and conclusion to ensure that the whole research paper flows smoothly.

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