Research Paper Writing

At some point along your academic journey, your college instructors will require you to demonstrate good research paper writing skills.

The research paper is usually considered a higher level of writing that demands high competency and skills levels.

A good understanding of the steps for writing a research paper come in handy.


Note that one key element of research paper writing is proper organization.

In such organization, there is a particularly focus on the appropriate research paper format.

This organization is the basis of a well-developed research paper. An organized research paper should:

  1. Be focused on a thesis statement
  2. Use sources to support the thesis
  3. Apply different sources to use different ideas and information to support an argument
  4. Cite the sources used

Usually, a 10 page research paper should be crafted in a manner that optimizes the respective research paper topics.

This involves adopting an organization that enhances effective articulation of the different ideas supporting the research topics.

Such organization can be realized through the 10 page research paper outline.

It is important to note that college research papers could assume different formats.

Particularly, research papers in business and social sciences are likely to adopt different research paper formats from those in life and physical sciences.

Accordingly, the 10 page research paper outline is more common among business and social science research papers.

Importance of a 10 Page Research Paper Outline

The 10 page research paper outline plays an important role in developing the appropriate research paper format.

Adhering to this outline is likely to accord you some advantages throughout the process of writing your college research paper.

Some of these advantages include:

1. It enhances organization

The outline is central to organization of ideas in the research paper.

Such organization helps to enhance the coherence of ideas in the research paper.

In this, the outline acts as a guide on the ideas to be included, how they will be developed, and their sequence.

It is acts as a solid guide on how to writer your college research paper.

2. It helps avoid stagnation

The 10 page research paper outline is very effective in reducing incidences where you are likely to get stuck when writing the college research paper.

This is because it facilitates the development of a structure on how to navigate through the target research paper topics.

3. It helps in alignment

The outline is key in ensuring that you remain on course when writing the research paper.

Herein, it can act as research paper template that guides you through the writing process to ensure you remain within the context of the entailed research paper topics.

4. It helps produce in-depth work

The outline comes in handy when you want to evaluate different perspectives in the research paper.

It is important to note that a good research paper should evaluate different ideas within a particular context.

As such, by relying on the outline, you can easily determine the most appropriate approach in the analysis of these perspectives.

5. It enhances motivation

The 10 page research paper outline can help you remain focused and motivated throughout the college research paper writing process.

With the outline, it is possible subdivide the research paper into sections and milestones, where achievement of each milestone can act as a source of motivation.

6. It acts as schedule

As noted above, the outline can be used to mark respective milestones in the writing process.

You can use it to mark and adhere to deadlines on the different tasks requisite to the whole writing process.

Note that in some cases, you may be required to submit the work in bits.

Structure of a 10-Page Research Paper

Breaking a 10-page research paper into smaller sections helps make the writing process easy.

Note that hypothetically, a ten-page paper should be between 20 and 22 paragraphs.

This is the same for a 10 pages essay.

So, how should a 10 page paper outline look like?

What sections should you include?

What should be the length of each section?

These are pertinent questions and their answers are explored below.

As evidenced in a typical 10 page research paper example, a research paper should have 3 main parts, including:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body and
  3. Conclusion

The breakdown of each part is as expounded below:

Introduction (2 paragraphs: 125-140 words per paragraph)

A 10 page paper outline should have a 2 paragraphs’ introduction.

An ideal paragraph should be about 125 words.

In some cases, it could be as much as 140 words.

As shown in a typical 10 page research paper example, the introduction should be between 250 and 280 words in total.

The first paragraph should:

  1. Stipulate the research question
  2. Provide a brief background and
  3. Explain what requires to be interpreted

The second paragraph should:

  1. Explain how the 10 page paper will answer the research question
  2. Highlight the thesis statement (in one sentence)  

Body (18 paragraphs: 3 sections, 6 paragraphs each)

The body of a 10 page essay or research paper should be divided into about 3 sections.

Accordingly, each section in a good 10 page paper outline should have up to 6 paragraphs.

  1. Section I
  2. Section II
  3. Section III

Section I could focus on one position of the argument.

Section II could explore the opposing position.

Section III could expound on how the conflict between the two positions was resolved.

Each paragraph of a 10 page paper body should begin with a topic sentence that aligns with both the section’s point/ argument and the research paper’s thesis.

To make writing easy and coherent, you should create a 10 page paper outline with about 18 topic sentences (6 for each section).  

Conclusion (2 paragraphs)

As reflected in a good 10 page research paper example, the conclusion should have two paragraphs (125- 140 words each).

The first paragraph should:

  1. Reiterate the thesis
  2. Show why the thesis presented the most effective way of exploring the evidence presented in the body.

The second paragraph should explain:

  1. Why the argument matters
  2. How the research paper and derived interpretations help understand the issue under study

Template of a 10 Page Research Paper Outline

A good research paper is founded on a solid template. The research paper template looks at different parts of the research paper.

Precisely, the template of a 10 page research paper outline covers three key areas. These areas include:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion


The introduction is usually two paragraphs in length. It encompasses a brief story about the entailed research paper topic, where it stipulates the reason why the story requires exploration.


The body should encompass different parts with clear subheadings.

For a 10 page research paper outline, the body could be in as many parts as 4, 5, or even more, depending on the number of ideas being advanced and their requisite depth. [nbsp]


The conclusion should be 2 paragraphs long. The first paragraph should recapture the thesis statement in relation to the evidence adduced in the college research paper.

On the other hand, the second paragraph should explain why the paper’s argument(s) is/are characteristic to the understanding of the entailed phenomenon.

Summary of a 10 Page Research Paper Outline Template

Cover page



General overview of the topic

Statement of relevance

Thesis statement

Transition to the first Body paragraph


Key argument #1

Main idea

Topic sentence

Evidence (quote)[nbsp]

Transition to the next Body paragraph

Key argument #2

Main idea

Topic sentence

Evidence (quote)

Transition to the next Body paragraph

Key argument #3

Main idea

Topic sentence

Evidence (quote)

Transition to the Conclusion


Restatement of the thesis statement

Summary of the key points

Food for thought


Sample Research Paper Template

Topic: Lead Poisoning


-Lead poisoning definition

-Importance of the study

-Key terms and their definitions


-Symptoms of lead poisoning

-Effects of lead poisoning

-Treatments for lead poisoning


-Summary of key points

-Recommendations (Handling lead poisoning hazards).

Steps in Developing a 10 Page Research Paper Outline

Developing the 10 page research paper outline is a systematic process. The process is defined by numerous steps as illustrated below.

Step 1: Choosing the Topic[nbsp]

This step requires you to identify the topic to write about or issue to investigate.

It is important to ensure that you choose a topic that is interesting to you. Where the topic is chosen for you, you can go ahead and determine the viewpoint you intend to assume.

Step 2: Determining the Research Problem

After selecting the research topic, it is time to identify the main argument in your research paper.

This entails the point around which the research paper will be built around. To do this, you should sum up the point in a single short phrase.

Step 3: Determining the Audience

Developing a good 10 page research paper outline requires you to clearly identify your target audience.

It is important to ensure that the target audience will relate with or appreciate your point of view.

Step 4: Conducting Research

A good outline must be founded on in-depth research. This research is supposed to give you a thorough idea on all issues relating to your topic.

In this step, you should investigate and note down different views about the topic. Collect adequate evidence on all these views.

Step 5: Creating the Main Category

With details on the topic, it is time to create the key categories that characterize the 10 page research paper outline.

This requires you to note down each of the major points you intend to cover in the research paper. These points should derive from the research earlier conducted.

Step 6: Creating the Subcategories

This step entails developing a list of different points meant to support the major points.

The number of subcategories should be determined by the amount of details you intend to provide in the major points.

10 Page Research Paper Outline

10 page research paper outline