Tourism Essay Overview

Tourism essays explore different issues in their respective fields of study and the tourism industry as well. As a subject and an industry, tourism is quite interesting, which makes writing such essays interesting but challenging at the same time.

Very high standards have been set in writing tourism essays. Generally, you require appropriate skills on how to write an essay requires you to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of and ability to contextualize different course concepts, theories, and bodies of knowledge.

Features of a Good Tourism Essay

As earlier noted, the expectations of a tourism essay are quite high. Living up to these expectations requires you to understand the different features of a good tourism essay. Such features are as explored below.

a) Should be well focused: this is an important element in a tourism essay. Principally, it entails developing a clear and a focal idea that the essay is centered on.

It is important to ensure that your essay has one main idea that its points are developed around. In this, all the essay’s paragraphs must have a clear topic sentence that stipulates the point being advanced.

b) Should rely on solid evidence: a tourism essay should be founded on solid evidence. The essay arguments must be based on credible facts and data. Per se, all personal opinions should be avoided.

Where essay instructions ask for such opinions, they should be backed with adequate evidence. Also, it is important to ensure that evidence used is derived from credible and reliable sources.

This requires you to learn how to evaluate the credibility of such sources. 

c) Should be well developed: development in this case entails the flow of ideas and the essay structure. In relation to the flow of ideas, it is essential to ensure that your essay’s paragraphs and sentences are constructed with the central idea in mind.

All the paragraphs and sentences should support the essay topic. Accordingly, the paragraphs should contain key details and examples advancing the themes expressed in the essay topic.

Regarding the structure, the essay should assume the correct structure within both the paragraphs or the whole essay.   

d) Should demonstrate proper writing skills: proper writing skills are critical when writing a tourism essay. It is critical to note that tourism as an industry relies more on impression.

This is similarly the case with essays in this field. You must be able to demonstrate proper use of language. This focuses on issues like grammatical correctness and coherency.

The essay should be devoid of grammatical errors and its ideas should exhibit a free flow of thought. This is central in boosting effective communication. 

 The Process of Writing a Tourism Essay

A good tourism essay should exhibit respective elements of a good essay. These elements may include essay structure, paper format, essay content, and coherence. When writing such an essay, the below steps should come in handy.  

a) Critically analyzing the essay topic. This requires you to utilize libraries and internet to acquire an in-depth knowledge about the topic in question.

You should aim to explore information that is related to the study topic. The acquired knowledge is key in laying a solid foundation on the pertinent ideas or points to include in the essay.

b) Examine the credibility of the information that constitutes the main points. This step is essential in ensuring that the arguments in the essay are founded on facts.

You should conduct further investigation on the main points to ensure that there is no contradiction among the available information and data.

c) Develop the essay thesis. This entails coming up with a statement that defines the essay’s themes and arguments. Developing the thesis is a critical step since it determines the direction and content of the essay.

The thesis should be compatible with essay topic and available data and evidence.

d) Determine the number of required points based on the essay length. This step plays an important role in determining the essay structure.

Ordinarily, each body paragraph should constitute one point, which is well expounded upon. One main point can however in cases where further elaboration is required, be explained in two paragraphs.

e) Come up with an essay rough draft. In this step, you should a rough draft of the essay. Such a draft is fundamental in devising the most appropriate structure for the essay. This includes the sequence of the respective points.

Tourism Essay Structure

Structure is an essential element in all essays. Generally, the tourism essay should adopt the appropriate structure. This structure would focus on the deriving proper introduction, detailed body, and a concise conclusion.

As elaborated below, each of the part has an important role to play.

a) Introduction: it should provide a background of the essay, an insight on the ideas to be covered, and the thesis statement. In most cases, it should be written last.

b) Body: it is the gist of the essay and should encompass all the essay arguments in form of points that support the essay thesis. All the facts and evidence should appear in this part.

c) Conclusion: this is the last part of the essay and it entails a summary of the key points in the essay.   

Notably, the structure of a tourism essay should as well look into the nature of the essay’s paragraphs and sentences. This should focus on such elements as topic sentences, concluding sentences, and transitions. Notably, this structure is important in enhancing the best practices in essay organization.