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Write me a 500 word essay...expert essay help!

Why Write me a 500 word Essay

A 500 word essay is about 2 pages in length. Usually, each page is 275 words. A 2 page essay would therefore be a total of 550 words. This makes a 500 word essay 2 pages in length - references are not included.
How long is a 500 word essay? As it is obvious, a 500 word essay is 500 words long. This is considered a short essay. Any essay between 200 and 600 words can be considered as a short essay.
A 500 word essay should be about 6 paragraphs in length. The essay is about 2 pages- each page 3 paragraphs. In some cases, a 500 word essay could be 5 paragraphs.
Time needed to write a 500 word essay could vary based on a number of factors. How much research is required? Is it a sit in exam or a take away assignment? Generally, a 500 word essay can take about 40 minutes to write. If it involves lengthy or in-depth research, it may require up to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

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How to Approach a 500 Word Essay

With the right approach, writing a 500 word essay should not be difficult.

If you start and plan well, you might not need someone to “write me a 500 word essay” like some students do.

Such as approach demands that you:

Plan your Essay

Planning entails brainstorming essay topics. This lays the foundation for your essay.

In most cases, if you are able to brainstorm, you might not need an expert to “write me a 500 word essay”. You should think about the topic and come up with as many ideas as possible.

This requires you to apply:

  1. General knowledge
  2. Lectures
  3. Tutorials and
  4. Assigned readings

When planning, you should use the essay question as a guide to help identify related issues, arguments, theories, and evidence.

The aim is to identify a central argument or theme.

You should include:

  1. Questions that need to be answered
  2. Ideas raised by the question
  3. Lines of thought, argument, or research
  4. Words that require defining
  5. Evidence that could support potential arguments


Develop a Draft Plan

Another important approach would involve developing a draft plan. You should design a detailed plan to help you research the essay question.

The plan should include:

  1. Background information
  2. Definitions
  3. Questions to answer

So, do you know to develop the plan? Or you intend to look for an expert to “write me a 500 word essay”?

Note that from the plan, you should identify the central argument, organize the information to look for, and arrange essay ideas logically.

Importantly, you should break the essay into smaller sections to make it more manageable.

Structure the Essay

Structuring the essay is another important aspect of writing the 500 word essay assignment. This entails building the essay around 3 key parts, i.e.

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion

Although considered obvious, developing the right structure can be technical. Do you have the right skills? Or do you need someone to “write me a 500 word essay”?

All you need to understand is what to include in the 3 parts of the essay.

Key things to include are:

  1. Hook
  2. Background
  3. Thesis statement
  4. Topic sentences
  5. Evidence
  6. Etc.

Build an Argument

Building an argument is the essence of a 500 words essay. This requires you to demonstrate critical reading of the relevant texts.

Points supporting your argument must be based on evidence from your readings. Further, sources used must be well referenced.

Such referencing could assume formats such as:

  1. APA
  2. MLA
  3. Chicago, etc.

Accordingly, all valid points must be backed up with evidence.

Can you effectively apply such evidence? Or do you need someone to “write me a 500 word essay”? First, it is important to understand what constitutes the evidence.

Such evidence may include:

  1. Ideas borrowed from other authors
  2. Statistics
  3. Factual information
  4. Logical argumentation


Link Ideas

Your 500 words essay should be coherent. Such coherency can only be achieved by linking ideas the right way.

This entails using different transitions:

Such transitions include:

  1. Addition: and, also, as well as, additionally, in addition, furthermore, moreover
  2. Comparison: in comparison, identically, correspondingly, equally, likewise, in the same way, similarly
  3. Exemplifying and illustrating: for instance, for example, including, specifically, markedly, such as, to illustrate
  4. Contrast: contrarily, alternatively, in contrast, but, conversely, instead, however, on the one hand …on the other hand, yet
  5. Emphasis: again, above all, certainly, in fact, especially, indeed, of course, most importantly, particularly
  6. Concession: nevertheless, even though, although, despite, notwithstanding, while, whereas
  7. Cause or effect: because, consequently, since,  as a result, subsequently, due to, therefore, thus, hence
  8. Concluding or summarizing: in short, all in all, finally, in conclusion, to review, in summary, to sum up, on the whole
  9. Clarification or restatement: namely, in essence, in other words, that is
Essay Writing

Essays are common assignments in academia.

It is therefore important for students to develop essential essay writing skills.

Have you developed these skills? Do you know how to prepare for essay writing?

What are the steps to essay writing?

Note that the lack of the right skills is the main reason most students look for someone to “write me a 500 word essay”. Or do you intend to order an essay? What about modelling a 500 words essay example?

Note that writing a 500 word essay requires skills such as:

  1. Close reading
  2. Comparison and contrast
  3. Analysis
  4. Persuasion
  5. Clarity
  6. Conciseness and
  7. Exposition

Types of 500 Word Essays

There are different types of 500 word essays. You have to familiarize yourself with all types of such essay assignments.

Before you can look for someone to “write me a 500 word essay”, you have to identify the type of the essay assignment you are required to work on.

So, what are the common 500 word essay assignments?

They include:

Descriptive Essays

Students are likely to come across descriptive essays. You could be required to describe:

  1. A piece of art in a museum
  2. A visit to the zoo
  3. A pizza napoletana
  4. What a farmer did to increase the yield of peach trees


Most of such assignments are 500 word essays. So, how well are you equipped to execute such assignments? Or do you have to look for an expert to “write me a 500 word essay”?

Although essay assignments generally have a common approach, it is important to understand what sets descriptive essays apart.

Compare and Contrast Essays

These are also common student assignments. They are basic types of essays and usually look for similarities and/ or difference in two things, concepts, people, places, etc.

For example, they can ask you to discuss:

  1. Similarities and differences between two cultures, e.g. African American and Hispanic
  2. Differences between capitalism and socialism
  3. Likeness and unlikeness of two places, e.g. Florida and Wyoming
  4. Two people, e.g. President Trump and President Clinton


Although they are a reason why some require an expert to “write me a 500 word essay”, with the right skills, they are quite easy to execute.

Cause and Effect

Cause and effect essays explain how or why an event happened, and the results of the event. As common assignments, they could require you to explain:

  1. What happens to the global climate with an increase in carbon emissions
  2. Why sea rises, and what happens to coastal cities
  3. What happens to the social fabric of a country as a result of a civil war


The essay primarily requires you to demonstrate relationships between two or more experiences or events.

So, how well can you illustrate causation? Or will you have to find someone to “write me a 500 word essay”? Note that these are skills that you can develop over time.

Narrative Essays

As a student, you are also likely to come across a narrative essay assignment. Such essays could require you to tell of:

  1. A fishing trip with your brother
  2. Your experience with friends at the beach
  3. Your visit to the local park

In nutshell, narrative essays demand that you tell a story. They use the conversational style and focus on a personal experience.

So, can you writer one? Or do you need someone to “write me a 500 word essay”? How do you plan to hone your writing skills?

Process Essays

Process essays are also common assignments. What do they entail? Generally, they describe how to do something.

They explain actions or steps that should be taken in a series in order to complete a task.

They may explain:

  1. How to properly prepare a specific meal or bake a cake
  2. How to make a rocking chair
  3. How an individual became empathetic

The essay could take the form of a story with explanations or step-by-step instructions.

Argumentative Essays

These are some of the most common student assignments. They may seek to persuade the reader that:

  1. Using public transport is better than driving
  2. Trade schools are better than university degree education
  3. Dogs are better pets than cats


The objective of these essays is to persuade the reader of a certain point of view. How good are you at advancing an argument? Or do you have to look for someone to “write me a 500 word essay”? How can you develop the right skills?