Writing a 500 words essay? 

How do you write a 500 words essay introduction?

What essay format should you use?

The 500 words essay is one of the most common essay lengths for high school, undergraduate, and postgraduate students.

500 Words Essay

Depending on the purpose, you are likely to come across such essays in numerous forms, including an English essay in 500 words or a 500 words essay about myself.

Essays with such a length requires you to provide adequate details about the topic or issue being discussed while at the same time remaining precise and concise.

As depicted by different 500 words essay examples, this essay is usually considered the middle ground between a long detailed essay and a short succinct essay.

Basic factors to consider when writing this essay include:

  1.  Steps to essay writing
  2. Essay outline

Since a 500 word essay is constrained to limited writing time, understanding the steps to essay writing and the use of an appropriate essay outline is critical in realization of quality work.

Note that 500 words essays are diverse and dynamic in their areas of disciplines, purposes, and approaches.

Common 500 words essay example areas may include admission essayessay on a moviehistory essayessay on business ethicsessay on nursing career goalssocial work career goals essay, and nursing reflective essay.

500 Words Essay Format

In line with the 500 words essay example provided below, the format of a 500 words essay is similar to that of a conventional essay.

This format encompasses different essay parts, including:

  1. introduction,
  2. body, and
  3. conclusion

Nonetheless, note that the 500 words essay format may slightly vary depending on the types of essay under question.

When it comes to formatting the essay, you should pay adequate attention to the provided instructions.

Such instructions could that formatting assumes common styles like APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago.

After considering all the above elements, you should focus on length as another are area of concern for the 500 words essay.

Issues about length are as discussed below.

These issues usually emanate from a common question about the essay’s length.

The question is: 500 words essay is how many pages?

500 Words Essay is how many Pages and Paragraphs?

The 500 words essay is about 2 double-spaced pages.

Usually, 1 double-spaced pages is about 275 words, where 2 such pages would be about 550 words.

For the paragraphs, the 500 words essay could range between 5 and 6 paragraphs, with 2 of these paragraphs being introduction and conclusion.

From a conventional 500 words essay example, it is clear that each of the paragraph should range between 5 and 7 sentences.

The total word count for such paragraphs should be between 70 and 110 words.

Based on each part, the length of a 500 word essay should be as follows:

  1. Introduction: 1 paragraph (70-105 words)
  2. Body: 3- 4 paragraphs (290-360 words)
  3. Conclusion: 1 paragraph (70-105 words)

Importantly, the respective number of paragraphs, sentences, and word per paragraph should be aligned to the number of points you intend to advance in the 500d words essay.

500 Words Essay Topics

500 words essay topics vary depending on the area or the discipline you intend to explore.

For instance, you may explore medical argumentative essay topics or medical persuasive speech topics in the medical discipline.

On the other hand, 500 words essay topics in business may look into such areas as ethics, competition, and leadership.

The most important thing to consider when selecting these topics is your personal interest.

If you are allowed to choose a topic, you should look for one in area that you not only have adequate knowledge in, but also one that spikes your interest most.

How to Write a 500 Words Essay

The process of writing a 500 words essay is similar to that of writing an essay of any other length.

Whether it’s an English essay in 500 words or a 500 words essay about myself, the writing process should adhere to some steps.

Such steps are as listed below:

  1. Creating an outline
  2. Crafting the introduction
  3. Developing the body paragraphs
  4. Concluding the essay

1. Creating an Outline

Creating an outline lays the foundation for the essay.

The outline should have all the respective parts of an essay, including introduction, body, and conclusion.

The 500 words essay outline should include extensive details on the potential points. Nothing should be excluded when developing the outline.

Accordingly, ideas should be broken down into logical and structured categories.

These ideas should later be arranged into coherent points and arguments.

2. Crafting the Introduction

A rough introduction should be written about the topic being discussed.

As illustrated in the 500 words essay example above, the introduction should include a hook and the thesis statement.

Sometimes it is advisable to just develop the thesis statement and then proceed to the body paragraphs, before coming back to compile the introduction.

Since the introduction should elicit the reader’s curiosity into reading the entire essay, it should be carefully and meticulously crafted.

3. Developing the Body Paragraphs

This step is extremely critical since the body paragraphs are the substance of the essay.

Borrowing from the 500 words essay example above, it is clear that the body paragraphs should contain the evidence supporting the points being advanced in the essay.

Such evidence should be in the form of data or direct quotes.

As earlier noted, the paragraphs for a 500 words essay should range between 5 and 6.

It is important to ensure that the paragraphs relate to each other.

4. Concluding the Essay

This should be the last step in writing the essay.

Although the above 500 words essay example does not have a conclusion, you should not overlook its importance.

Whether it’s for an English essay in 500 words or a 500 words essay about myself, the conclusion should well-crafted to effectively sum up the argument (s) presented.

500 Words Essay Example

A good 500 words essay example demonstrates the appropriate approaches for the different parts of an essay.

The relationship between these parts is critical in enhancing coherency in the essay.

That noted, a typical 500 words essay example could be as illustrated below.

Topic: Forms of Religious Prejudice in “Merchant of Venice”


Usually, prejudice is realized through fear, hatred, or even the threat of a shared enemy. It entails biases perpetuated with the intention of helping people assume consolidated power within the society, for them to achieve individual interests that are in most cases quite unconstructive. Past evidence indicates that prejudice and the resulting discrimination have far-reaching effects on the lives of society members. Such affects are apparent in the play The Merchant of Venice, where hatred between different groups of individuals negatively affects healthy co-existence. One of the key foundations of this prejudice is religious differences. The play illustrates how forms of religious bias have distorted relationships and interactions between characters.


Religious prejudice in the play is presented through biased beliefs about the morals and values held by the Jews. It is clear that Christians view Jewish morals and values as compromised, particularly when it comes to lending of money. The Jews are considered shrewd, mean, and heartless. This view is evident when Antonio says to Bassanio “I pray you, think you question with the Jew? …You may as well do anything most hard, as seek to soften that-than which what’s harder? – his Jewish heart.” This illustrates of how lowly Christians thought of the Jewish morals and values were. In the quest to challenge and change these morals and values, Christian characters in the play conspire to expose Shylock with the intention of forcing him to convert to Christianity.  In this, religious biases on conventional moral and values causes major conflicts and co-existence problems.  

As well, religious prejudice is exhibited through beliefs on the type of foods that should be consumed. In the play, Shylock detests Christians for their cuisine choices as expressed by his response to dinner invitation by Bassanio. Following the invitation he says, “Yes, to smell pork; to eat of the habitation which your prophet the Nazarite conjured the devil into.”  In another incident, Shylock made it clear to Yachnin and Patricia that he could buy with them, sell with them, walk with them and so following; but would never eat, drink, or pray with them. The Jewish beliefs that are the basis of Shylock’s bias against foods such as pork and those who consume them creates distrust and strenuous relationships between Jews and Christians. This makes cuisine a major cause of religious prejudice in the play.

From this 500 words essay example, different elements of a good essay are evident.

The elements are critical to proper organization within and between the essay paragraphs.

Such elements include:

  1. A hook
  2. Background
  3. Thesis statement
  4. Topics sentences
  5. Evidence
  6. Transitions

The essay starts with an attention catcher (hook) on how the issue being discussed presents itself.

In this case, a succinct statement about the ways through which prejudice is entrenched catches the attention of the reader right from the word go.

A brief but adequately detailed background about the issue is subsequently provided.

As illustrated in the 500 words essay example, there is a thesis statement towards the end of the introduction.

Further, the second paragraph (body’s first paragraph) starts with a topic sentence.

After the topic sentence an explanation of the point is made.

This explanation is then supported using evidence that includes examples.

The paragraph ends with a transition to the next paragraph and the sequence in the second paragraph is repeated in the third one.

Note that the conclusion paragraph is missing from the above 500 words essay example.

The conclusion paragraph assumes a slightly different approach or sentence structure to the body paragraphs.

Its sentences sum up the points in the body paragraphs.

All these elements need to be incorporated in the 500 words essay

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