Overview of Research in Education

Research in education is critical in changing education’s scope and quality across the globe.

In higher education, the importance of research is evident in the fact that research papers are usually a requisite for graduation.

Such research requires you to understand the tenets that pertain to education research as well as the steps for writing a research paper.

Accordingly, education research can be viewed as:

“Research with the aims of developing novel and improved methods of teaching that are geared towards resolving issues in learning and improving overall understanding for students with different backgrounds, and determining their best learning environments”.


This research therefore has to collect and analyze relevant data.

Importantly, just like in the case of business research paper topicsbusiness ethics research paper topics, or political science research paper topics, the selected research paper topics in education  have to be appropriate.


Areas to Search for Research Paper Topics in Education

The best approach towards finding appropriate educational research topics for thesis is through exploration of the vast issues entailed in the evolving nature of education.

This exploration may involve different areas focusing on issues such as classroom dynamics, teaching methods, student learning, and teacher training.

That said, some areas to search for research paper topics in education may include:


Learning Styles

This is a major area when it comes to finding suitable education related research paper topics. Note that learning styles are critical in devising teaching approaches.

For this reason, you could explore the four key learning styles that include auditory learning, reading and writing learning, visual learning, and kinesthetic.

Your research paper topics for education majors could as such focus on how to develop working teaching methods, understanding of these learning styles, and testing of the respective styles.


Blended Learning

Blended learning could be a good area to look for research paper topics in education. Generally, this approach entails a combination of conventional in-person classroom practices with online learning.

With this in mind, education related research paper topics in this area could seek to examine the different types on learning settings and their implications on the students.


Ability Grouping

This is equally a key area to look for potential research paper topics for education majors. Principally, ability grouping entails pairing students based on their learning abilities, instead of age.

Exploring this area would require you to study ways of effectively gauging and defining ability capacities to help group students in a beneficial way.

You can also look at approaches through which teachers can develop “ability level-based” lessons.


Class Sizes

Class size is a rich area to search for research paper topics in education. This is because class size has significant impacts on teaching and learning.

Accordingly, education related research paper topics should acknowledge the presence of a gap between increasing class size and supply of teachers.

You should seek to explore areas like the impact of student-teacher ratio on learning.


Early Childhood Education

This is another area to look for potential educational research topics for college students. In this, you could focus on establishing the importance or insignificance of preschool.

Potential educational research topics for thesis you could opt for should seek to utilize different methods to analyze the phenomenon.

The analysis could focus on the different levels of the preschool system as there are numerous stages in early childhood education.


Computer Literacy

It could also important to evaluate the impacts of technology on learning and teaching among students and teachers.

In this, research paper topics in education should examine the best approaches in preparing and teaching students how to use computers in learning.

This is within the context of different access levels among students in different regions and areas.

Per se, potential educational research topics for thesis could explore the impacts of computer literacy on students’ learning in the present and future environments.


Home Schooling

It is also advisable to look for educational research topics for college students in the area of homeschooling.

Research in this area would focus on the performance of homeschoolers compared to students who learn within the school environment or the college transition rates among homeschoolers.

You can therefore focus on studying the differences between students who are homeschooled and those who learn in the traditional settings.


Standardized Testing

This is another major area to look for research paper topics in education. Issues around standardized tests would look at the accuracy and fairness of the tests.

You could also seek to examine alternatives for evaluating public education’s effectiveness.

Educational research topics for college students in this area could also scrutinize controversies associated with policies around standardized tests, including entailed monetary incentives.


Merit Pay

Merit pay is also an interesting area to explore for research paper topics for education majors.  It revolves around remuneration approaches for teachers.

You can therefore explore the importance or nature of merit pay for teachers. This could extend to approaches of determining the effectiveness of the work by distinctive teachers.



This may sound as a less significant area to focus on when looking for research paper topics in education but it touches on important issues in education.

In this area, you could explore how ferrying students to school using buses impacts the lives of such students and the academic outcomes of schools that adopt busing.

A summary of other areas to look for educational research topics for thesis work include:

1. Education and law

2. Higher education

3. Extended learning

4. Education psychology

5. Physical education

6. Adult education

7. Public school education

8. English as a foreign language

9. Multiculturalism and diversity in education

10. Curriculum organization

11. School safety

12. Guidance and counseling

13. Alternative education

14. Special education

15. School administration and policy

16. International perspectives

17. Teacher education

18. History of education

19. Education theory

20. Research in education


Examples of Research Paper Topics in Education

Now that you have identified some of the different areas you could look for education related research paper topics, it’s time to explore the actual topics.

Below is a list of research topics in education.

1. Impacts of technology on lesson planning.

2. Approaches towards harnessing critical thinking as the primary objective in learning.

3. A study on learning within conventional classrooms for students with disabilities compared to special needs classrooms.

4. Concrete solutions to bullying incidences within learning institutions.

5. The relationship between college degrees and the income a graduate earns.

6. Roles and qualities of teachers that are critical in enhancing effective learning among students from different cultural backgrounds.

7. The role of standardized tests in improving education in the contemporary school environment.

8. Different contemporary teaching methods and their impacts on learning.

9. Enabling students to effectively navigate through the internet as a source of extensive information that could be both helpful and harmful.

10. The effectiveness of the virtual learning process in acquisition of knowledge and skills.

11. The impacts of technology on the current and future education systems.

12. The effectiveness of homeschooling compared to conventional learning within the digital context.

13. The interaction between school and networking within the modern learning environment.

14. Merits or demerits of sex education among students in the lower grades.

15. Effective training for teachers as a way of equipping them with skills requisite in proper teaching within the modern context.

16. Key considerations for educating and teaching students with disabilities.

17. Need for change in curriculum to give emphasis on emerging social issues.

18. The tenets of an inclusive education system that is focused on bringing the best out of students with different learning abilities.

19. Creating a healthy balance between theoretical learning and practical learning.

20. The role of sports participation among students within the school environment.

21. Effective approaches towards enhancing motivation among students within the modern classroom environment.

22. Relevance of education among disabled students within the employment context.

23. Approaches towards the calculation of grades in academics.

24. The impact of interaction between top students and poor learners on the schools overall performance.

25. Determining the important knowledge and skills to be acquired in preschool.

26. Challenges associated with educating deaf or blind students.

27. The role of gender in academic performance in same-sex schools compared to schools with mixed-sex students.

28. Ability of public schools to equip students with life tools compared to private schools.

29. The impact of discrimination in education access on the future society.

30. Effective approaches towards educating students with mental disorders such as autism and attention deficit hyperactivity.

31. The role of public schools in molding students in accordance with societal values.

32. The impact of the nature of motivation towards teaching on students’ performance.

33. Effective approaches towards education and socialization of mentally challenged students within the contemporary learning environment.

34. Concrete approaches towards addressing violence in school.

35. Academic performance between students in inclusive and non-inclusive classrooms.

36. The relevance of the conventional grading systems in the assessment of learning among students in the modern context.

37. Role and involvement of parents in the students’ learning process.

38. The role of regulated dress code on education and learning.

39. Management of information overload resulting from excessive social media activity among students.

40. The role of religion in learning within the modern education environment.

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