Why Writing an Essay in English is an Easy Task

Is it another time that you have to write an essay?

Are you required to write an essay in English but you find it challenging because English is a foreign language?

As difficult as it may sound, writing an essay in English can be an easy and interesting task.

As a student in the US, UK, Canada, or Australia, you should expect writing essays in English to feature prominently when writing an assignment for college.

This will require you to possess all the different requisite skills.

Usually, these skills are developed over time.

They include the basics of English writing and essay writing rules for different types of essays.

Writing in English extends beyond essays.

Whether it’s writing an article review, 10 page research paper, capstone project, or dissertation, mastery of English will come in handy.

Note that when it comes to English essays for students with low English proficiency, it is advisable to refer to essay writing examples by experts in the field.

This is a good starting point in honing your English skills essential in English essay writing.

To hone your English skills, you can:

English vocabulary forms the basis of skills central to writing an essay in English. Herein, you are required to develop a rich active vocabulary. Just learning the meanings of words is therefore not good enough. You must go ahead and learn how to use the words in sentences. You should as such explore various English essay samples for ideas on how to use vocabulary appropriately. Also, you should make sure that you learn a new word daily and effectively include it in your vocabulary list. It is advisable that when you come across a new word you learn its different forms and the prepositions used along with the word. For example, instead of just learning the meaning of the word ‘rely’, also learn its use with propositions in cases like ‘rely on’, ‘be reliant on’ and ‘a reliant’.
When it comes to writing an essay in English, reading more is an essential measure in enhancing your adeptness. The best way to learn how to write is by reading. In this, English essay samples come in handy. You should go through other people’s essays to help you develop a particular writing style. Note that when reading, it is wise to focus on English essay topics that are interesting and level appropriate. You should start with simple English essays, where short essay examples would be particularly helpful for beginners. Such essays would help you explore different writing styles and correct use of vocabulary.
You must understand the writing an essay in English demands proper spelling. Poor spelling can greatly alter the intended meaning since some English words have close spelling or pronunciation but utterly different meanings. Exploring such words requires to go through English essay samples that provide comprehensive essay writing examples on the use of such words. Spelling is also important in ensuring that the reader understands what you write. You can practice your spelling using flash cards when reading short essay examples on different English essay topics.
Correct grammar is instrumental when writing an essay in English. Rightly, syntax and punctuation play an important role in displaying your intelligence and mastery of English writing skills. Usually, short essay examples by proficient experts act as good guidelines on the correct use of grammar. These essay writing examples should highlight the importance of tense and punctuation in enhancing clarity and fluency. Further, you should also practice how to use different sentence structures, both short and long. You should also learn how grammar can be used to make your essay more interesting by establishing a particular tone. Note that in the case of English essays for students, it is important to start by learning the basics of grammar, and gradually advance to complex areas of writing.

Practices to Observe when Writing an Essay in English

As it is popularly known, “writing is rather an acquired art than an inborn one”.

It is apparent that writing in English is a skill that is developed over time.

This demands that you read different English essay topics and genres to understand the distinctive forms of writing and the appropriate vocabulary.

Essays are some of the most common writing assignments.

Particularly, English essays for students in areas where instruction is given in English are a common assessment method in high schools, colleges, and universities.

Writing for such students usually begins with basic assignments like “writing an introduction essay in English”.

Essentially, it is advisable to adhere to some practices when writing an essay in English.

Such practices can be observed through the below tips.

Active voice plays an important role in breathing life into the essay. Where possible, you should always seek to use active voice. Note that using passive voice is a common mistake among students, and should be avoided at all costs. You must appreciate the fact that active voice makes writing more succinct and efficient. In addition, active voice is effective in making the narrative fast-moving, and reading more engaging. Importantly, it helps prevent potential grammatical errors.
Writing an essay in English requires you to curb all repetitions. Such repetition pertains to the use of words as well as expression of ideas. You should therefore aim to be crisp by eliminating wordiness in your sentences. Restraining repetition could be done through the below tactics. -You can replace phrases or words in ideas you intend to keep. In this, you are supposed to use a thesaurus as a reminder of the words you know. -You could delete repetitive phrases and words. - You can also construct a new sentence by identifying repetitive words and omitting them in the new sentence.
When writing an essay in English, it is important that you learn how to construct original thoughts. Whether you are required to write an introduction essay in English or a compare and contrast essay, you should avoid clichés and idioms. As well, you should shun metaphors and similes. Your writing should therefore be as formal and original as possible. In this, you must demonstrate that you can generate ideas without relying on common opinions and phrases.
Essay writing gives you the opportunity to demonstrate that you are wide read. It is therefore important to refer to ideas and opinions by other people. This can be realized by using quotes, and going ahead to reference them appropriately. Rightly, writing an essay in English requires you to explore what others have said about an essay topic. You should as such use different methods to account for borrowed ideas, including in-text citations and footnotes.

Second Opinion on when Writing an Essay in English

It is advisable to compare notes with your peers when writing an essay.

To become proficient in different essay writing topics, you should develop a habit of constantly consulting with experienced writers.

If you are not proficient in English, you should start by learning how to write “an introduction essay in English”.

You can also consult with a reliable essay writing service for college and university students for appropriate guidance on how to write an essay in English.