Dissertation Writing Overview 

Is it the time for you to write a dissertation?

Are you struggling to find an appropriate dissertation topic?

How good are your data collection and analysis skills?

Do you need dissertation proposal writing help? 

These are some of the most common dilemmas that face scholars executing their dissertation papers. 

Can these dilemmas be resolved?


Note that dissertation writing is one of major endeavors for scholars particularly in the graduate and postgraduate schools.

As such, for you to successfully graduate, you have to develop the requisite dissertation writing skills.

Note that before embarking on the writing process,  a clear understanding of what a dissertation entails is critical. 

What is a Dissertation? 

So, what is a dissertation?

In plain terms, a dissertation can be defined as:

“An extended work of writing on a particular topic usually in the form of a report on a literature-based study or an empirical study that seeks to answer a specific research question.”  

The research question could be selected by the student or set by their respective department.

Usually, such work would be about 10,000 and 20,000 words.

Due to its complexity, you are required to gradually develop appropriate skills on how to write a dissertation step by step.  

Dissertation Structure

Just like in the case of a capstone project, structure is essential when writing a dissertation. 

Understanding the structure of a dissertation is therefore the first step of the writing process. Such a structure provides the various areas or sections to focus on in your dissertation.

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These areas may in some cases vary from the dissertation proposal to the actual dissertation. That noted, key areas in a dissertation maybe as explained below.

1. Title page

This is the first section in a dissertation structure. It should contain details such as:

1. Title of the dissertation

2. Author’s name

3. Department

4. Degree program

5. Institution

6. Date of submission, etc.

You should review the requirements of your particular institution or department concerning the formatting of the title page.

2. Acknowledgements

Although an important part of the dissertations structure, acknowledgements is not always a requirement.  

Its objective is to enable you show gratitude to all those individuals who directly or indirectly facilitated the writing process.

Some of the people to include in this section are:

1. Research participants

2. Supervisors

3. Family members and friends who supported you.

 3. Abstract

This is a concise summary of the dissertation’s contents sometimes, including its conclusions. Its length is usually about 300 words.

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An abstract should include information such as:

1. Topic and aims of the research

2. Methods applied

3. Summary of the results

4. Conclusions

Usually, dissertation abstracts get filed in databases accessible to individuals who could be seeking information on a particular area of interest.

This makes abstracts very important as they help determine the relevancy of your work to such individuals.

The abstract is usually written the last.

4. Dissertation table of contents

The dissertation tables of contents is another important section in your work. It lists down all the chapters, subheadings, and their respective pages.

The dissertation table of contents provides the reader with an overview of the dissertation structure for easier navigation.

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5. List of figures and tables

This entails an itemized list of tables and/or figures used in your dissertation. You are supposed to list and number all the tables and figures.

Such numbering can be done using respective Microsoft Word features.  

6. List of abbreviations

This follows the same rule as the list of figures and tables. In this, if any abbreviations have been used, they should be listed down.

7. Glossary

 This entails a list of the key terms used in your dissertation. The terms should be listed in alphabetical order with a short definition or description of their use.

8. Introduction

This is the section where you capture the attention of the reader. The introduction should be clear and concise.

Key information in the introduction should include:

1. Research aims and objectives

2. Context of the research

3. Interpretation of key terms

4. Statement of exclusions and limitations

5. Explanation of the dissertation structure

9. Literature review

The literature review is an important section and its development requires excellent skills on how to write a dissertation step by step.

It places the dissertation within the existing body of research and literature. As well, it justifies the selection of the specific question.

10. Methodology

This is another key section when it comes to how to write a dissertation step by step. It explains what you did when answering the research question.

You need to explain methods used when:

1. Collecting data

2. Analyzing data

Further, you have to justify the selection of the said methods. 

11. Findings and discussion

Note that this section is usually different in empirical study using primary data and a literature based study.

In an empirical study, there should be:

1. A results section

2. A findings and discussion section

Differently, for a literature based study that is using secondary data, findings and discussion are written together.

The findings expounds on the data acquired and the results generated.

The discussion should examine the meaning of the acquired findings.

This section could also look at problems that occurred in the study and their causes.

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12. Conclusion and recommendations

This should look at the extent the research answered the study questions. You should come up with a summary of what the research says about the study’s title.

13. References or bibliography

This entails a list of sources used in the dissertation, and sometimes those read but not directly used.

Dissertation Writing Tips

Dissertation writing tips entail the different basics that should be observed during the writing process.

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Such dissertation writing tips should focus on key areas such as:

1. Selecting the research theme and question

2. Coming up with the appropriate dissertations outline

3. Researching  

4. Data analysis etc.

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The writing process should look at pertinent areas of writing, including:

1. Dissertation structure and

2. Dissertation writing tips  

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