Overview on how to Write a Business Research Paper

In a world defined by business and commerce, business education has over time established itself as one of the core subjects in education systems across the globe. Such education systems in most cases incorporate business research papers as part of their respective curriculums.

To succeed in business courses, you must learn steps for writing a research paper. This requires you to understand its purpose, incorporate some key elements, and adopt an effective writing strategy.

The Purpose of the Business Research Paper

As earlier pointed out, one key purpose of writing a business research paper is to illustrate an apt understanding of the underlying syllabus content. This content include business course concepts, theories, and respective bodies of knowledge.

The purpose equally requires you to demonstrate other relevant skills attained throughout the course of the syllabus. Such skills include research process, critical analysis, data analysis, proper organization, effective written communication, and appropriate formatting.

Key Features of a Top Quality Business Research

Some key features usually come in handy when writing a top quality business research paper. These features are the difference between a superior and a poor quality business research paper.  These features include:

a) The paper must be interesting enough to capture the attention of the target audience. As earlier mentioned, writing a business research paper is like creating art. However how detailed the research paper is, failure to effectively communicate the entailed ideas will definitely attract negative reviews.

It is therefore important to ensure that the lecturer or the tutor, who in most cases is the target audience, is able to read the business research paper from the beginning to the end. This requires you to come up with an appropriate and interesting research topic.

An appropriate topic will help you develop the most suitable thesis for your business research paper. The scope of such a thesis should be adequate enough to support effective research.

b) The research paper should display originality in thought. Writing a top quality business research paper requires you to ensure high degree of originality in your work. Principally, an appropriate research topic must endeavor to explore issues in new areas.

If you have the discretion of coming up with the research topic, you should conduct an in-depth research to determine the various underlying issues before settling on the research topic.

This is critical in enhancing your insight on the areas that have been explored exhaustively and those that require further study.

You should go ahead and select an area that has adequate content but still has room for further investigation. Importantly, you must ensure that your business research paper illustrates creativity and imagination in thought processes and ideas.

It should invoke critical questions upon prior research on related topics.

c) You must use facts to support the arguments advanced in business research paper. Data and evidence used to support research paper arguments must come from reliable sources. Notably, evidence is critical in all research papers. It is what differentiates between a personal opinion and a professional opinion.

Information used in your business research paper must be logical in allegations and application. These data used must accurate and in line with basic logic. It should not be contradictory. Further, data used should be from reliable sources.

It is therefore your duty to determine what kind of resources are appropriate to your research. This is key in ensuring that the conclusion arrived at is also correct.  It is as well important in making the paper credible.

 d) It should be rigorous: this entails your ability to illustrate the interaction between key elements that influenced your research results/findings. The research must be well detailed and supported by irrevocable evidence.

In this, writing a top quality business research paper requires you to exhaustively explore all issues encompassed in the particular topic area. Such exploration should seek to gather clear and specific data. This is critical in ensuring that the research paper avoids ambiguity and includes information only relevant to the research thesis.

 g) Good organization: this requires you to arrange the pertaining ideas in a logical and coherent manner. Coherency is important in effective communication of research paper ideas. Those reading the research paper must understand all the arguments being advanced.

This requires you to use correct grammar and structure. As such, adhering to the correct research structure is quite critical. This focuses on the sentences, paragraphs, and entire research paper structure.   

Strategies on how to Write a Business Research Paper

When writing a business research paper, it is imperative to develop an effective approach strategy. This strategy could encompass the below actions.

a) Conduct an expansive research on topics: This step involves examining themes in related fields. This should be the done at the preliminary stages of writing. As earlier noted, it is possible to identify business research paper topic areas that have been exhausted or those with limited data to support the respective thesis.

You should avoid such topic areas by all means necessary.

b) Refine the research topic after preliminary data collection: in this, you are required to examine the business research paper topic to determine how it fits within the collected data. This call for close scrutiny of information gathered to determine whether it is suitable for the research topic under study.

c) Refine the thesis statement to ensure that it matches effectively with available data: the process of writing a to quality business research paper requires you to clearly describe the argument(s) to be advanced in the research based on the data you gathered in the preliminary research.

You should ensure that such an argument(s) can be supported effectively using the available data.

d) Write down the research outline: This would entail writing down major themes from every set of data collected to examine evidence available for each argument. You should develop logical arguments in form of points that support your business research paper thesis.

e) Compile the research paper arguments: this entails tailoring together the arguments/points developed from available data. You should rearrange key points to make the research paper more coherent and logical in sequence of ideas and arguments. The strongest points should appear at the beginning of the paper.

f) Write the conclusion: this requires you to summarize all the major points in the research paper. Ensure that the conclusion recaptures the thesis statement.

g) Write the introduction as the last part: this should be done after the paper is complete and entails developing the research paper’s background, highlighting the major points, and stipulating the thesis.

h) Develop a proper reference list: this involves ensuring that all the resources used are well cited, and in the required format, whether APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, etc.

i) Proofread the paper twice: this should entail examining the paper to ensure that it answers the question correctly, is devoid of grammatical errors, has the correct structure, and is coherent. You should go through the paper at least twice.