Overview of a PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint presentations are some of the most common assignments in college. Instructions usually require you to make the presentation as engaging as possible. In this, questions on how to make a PowerPoint presentation attractive arise. This demands that you demonstrate high creativity and writing skills.

Note that PowerPoint presentations are intended to present ideas on a topic in a precise and concise manner. To do this, you need to consider 3 key areas when preparing a PowerPoint presentation. These areas are:

1. Content: Content entails the material included in the PowerPoint. It includes words, images, pictures, audio, video, graphs, tables, etc.

2. Organization: This is another very important area you should pay adequate attention to when it comes to how to write a PowerPoint. It looks at the arrangement of the content, the PowerPoint design, and animations effects. Everything should visibly harmonious.

3. Delivery: This is often one of the most important areas focus one. It entails the script of the presentation and how it will be conveyed to the audience.

 When using a PowerPoint presentation online platform, you should ensure that the template chosen help easily put your points across, it is friendly to the audience, and it can accommodate all relevant data.


Tips on how to Write a PowerPoint

Markedly, PowerPoint presentation instructions could vary from one instructor or institution to another. Nevertheless, there are rules that are usually common when it comes to how to do a PowerPoint presentation step by step.

These rules dictate that:

1. You should start and end strong: In relation to starting strong, you should ensure that the presentation begins with a short and precise highlight of the entailed thesis. It should also briefly stipulate the points to be included in the presentation.

The start is basically the introduction to the presentation. It should be engaging and catchy.  Rightly, you can learn how to make the introduction catchy by reviewing different works on PowerPoint presentation online platforms.

On the other hand, ending strong focuses on ensuring that your conclusion is equally as good as the introduction. Good practices on how to write a PowerPoint requires you to develop a conclusion that challenges the audience into action.

You should use direct language to emphasize on what you need the audience to think and talk about at the end of the presentation session.

2. You should be precise: It is important to keep your content as concise as possible. This is one of the most important tips on how to make a PowerPoint presentation attractive. To do this, you should adopt the bullet points approach.

The bullet points should be short and on point. To be effective in this, they should include essential information only. All the information that help explain the bullet points should appear at the notes section.


3. You should make it compelling: Good practices on how to write a PowerPoint presentation require you to make the presentation engaging. Some of the key tact that could be used to make it compelling entails choosing good PowerPoint presentation templates.

Herein, such PowerPoint presentation templates should be combined with the right graphics to make the presentation appealing and memorable. You should use template designs with a uniform slide format.

Also, endeavor to strike the correct balance between text and graphics. The presentation slides should not appear clouded or congested. You should as well use clearly visible text.

4. You should organize the slides logically: Accordingly, you must demonstrate good skills on how to write a PowerPoint presentation. One key ways to realize this is by ensuring that there is coherency in your work.

As earlier mentioned, organization is critical in effective articulation of points. It is therefore essential to ensure that the PowerPoint presentation pays adequate attention to the flow of content.

This looks at transitions between points and slides. You can practice this by reviewing templates on different PowerPoint presentation online platforms.


Steps on how to Write a PowerPoint

Writing a PowerPoint presentation should be systematic. This requires a good understanding of how to do a PowerPoint presentation step by step. As such, you need to properly build and assemble all the relevant components of a presentation.

This assembly forms the basis of how to make a PowerPoint presentation attractive. These steps include:


Step 1: Developing a Thesis Statement  

This step involves identifying the topic to be addressed in the PowerPoint.  You should write down the topic in a single sentence. Just like in an essay, the thesis statement should be concise, relevant, and arguable. It should be the presentation’s focal point.

The thesis statement should be formulated with the target audience in mind. In this, words used should be plain and simple. It is important to note that some words/terms could be basic for one audience category but complex for others.


Step 2: Developing an Outline

This is a very important step when it comes to how to write a PowerPoint presentation. It involves developing the main points for the presentation. Herein, you should identify the main arguments supporting the thesis statement and come up with several points to advance the respective arguments.

The outline should entail a layout on how and where each point will fit in. Skills on how to do a PowerPoint presentation step by step requires that you consider the logical organization of ideas when developing the outline. Accordingly, you should ensure that points follow each other sequentially.


Step 3: Creating the PowerPoint Slides

This step entails the actual development of argument/s in the presentation. Primarily, it requires skills on how to make a PowerPoint presentation attractive. In this step you have to choose PowerPoint presentation templates that are functional and appealing. Such templates should have a combination of some of these features:

1. Artistic effects

2. Color and shape overlays

3. Mixed colors

4. Geometric polygons

5. Consistent image

6. Company colors

7. Patterns and textures

Note that you should be consistent in your slides. It is therefore critical to ensure that content such graphics and images do not distort your presentation. All the slides should retain the theme of the original template.


Step 4: Formatting the Slides

This should be the last step when it comes to how to write a PowerPoint. The step’s main objective is to make sure that the slides are easily readable. To achieve this, the text used in the slides should be visually consistent.

To further enhance visibility, you should make the main points the headlines for the respective slides. Such headlines should be in different font size, sometimes different font type, or even in bold. Note that they however have to consistent throughout the slides.