Business Research Paper Topics Overview 

Business school is not business school without business research papers.

When pursuing a business course, you are at some point guaranteed to come across business research papers as core examination tools.

This is for all academic levels.

Accordingly, business case studies just like business research papers are some of the most common assignments in business school.

They seek to examine your understanding of business concepts and possession of business research and writing skills, among other things.

Note that writing a business research paper starts with the identification of a topic.

In most cases, you will be required to come up with a range of interesting business topics to explore.

You should then narrow down on a topic and examine it in in-depth.

Such topics could transverse an array of business areas, including:





Employment and the Workplace

Business Economics and Public Policy


Health Care Management



Legal Studies and Business Ethics

Operations, Information and Decisions


Real Estate


Selecting Business Research Paper Topics

Usually, the above areas encompass potential business research topics for college students to explore.

It is important to ensure that you focus on areas that are interesting to you.

Just because an area appears easy to navigate through does not necessarily make it suitable.

As well, when selecting appropriate business research paper topics, it is important to ensure that they touch on current issues.

This is because interesting business topics focus on existing issues affecting business.

You should therefore aim at finding solutions to existing business challenges.

Importantly, the business research paper topics you intend to study should be novel or capable of contributing a new body of knowledge to the respective field.

This said, some common interesting business topics in different areas are as listed below.



Management is a key area to search for business research paper topics. This is because effective management is a core success factor for all business entities.

With this in mind, some business research topics for MBA students in this area may include:

1. The effectiveness of contemporary conflict management approaches in the modern business environment.

2. Essential ethical values for managers in the competitive business environment.

3. The negative impacts of technology-related burnout in the workplace.

4. The need for leadership programs for top company managers.

5. How leadership impacts on inter-organizational networks among diverse workforces.

6. The essential success traits for managers in the modern dynamic business environment.

7. Success factors for social entrepreneurship in the digital business environment.

8. The role of management in enhancing success in digital business startups.

9. The different employee retention approaches the management should adopt in modern businesses.

10. The impact of management in effective product development and service provision in strategic alliances.



This is also another of the important areas to explore particularly for international business research paper topics.

With globalization as a common modern business strategy, corporations are an area of extensive interest in business.

Interesting business topics for college students in this area include:

1. Risk factors for companies seeking expansions in foreign countries like China.

2. Markets in different regions and the respective benefits they accrue from globalization.

3. The role of social media on the success of global companies.

4. The changing dynamics in domination of global markets by multinationals in different regions.

5. The impacts of war in the Arabic countries on local business enterprises.

6. Consumer behavior changes in different regions as a result of globalization.

7. The success factors for small businesses in the midst of exponential growth of giant multinational corporations.

8. Business clusters and their impacts on domestic growth.

9. The changing role of a common commercial language across the globe.

10. The changing legal frameworks and their impacts on foreign direct investment.


Employment and the Workplace

Issues on employment and the workplace key areas to search for business research topics for college students.

Some of the potential business research paper topics under this area include:

1. Approaches for enhancing motivation in the workplace that is increasingly driven by Artificial Intelligence.

2. The role of social support programs in reducing stress in the workplace.

3. The impact of age gaps on cooperation in the cross-functional teams and departments.

4. Creating a healthy corporate culture within the increasingly less-structured workplaces.

5. The role of increasing diversity on productivity in the contemporary work environment.

6. The dynamic psychological elements necessary for a healthy workforce in the modern work environment.

7. The impact of employing the millennials on cooperate culture and performance.

8. Emerging technology-related unhealthy habits among employees and their impact on productivity.

9. The changing gender roles and their impacts on the modern work environment.

10. The impact of gender in the management of workplace teams.


Legal Studies and Business Ethics

The legal issues affecting the business environment is also an area to explore for interesting business research paper topics.

That said, common business research topics for MBA students may include:

1. The moral principles applicable in the decision-making process within the modern competitive business environment.

2. Insider trading and its mitigation in the digital workplace.

3. The role of honesty in customer retention within the contemporary society.

4. The need for extensive corruption crime laws in the global business environment.

5. The evolving nature of ethical demands on corporations in the present society.

6. The role of patenting, copyrights, and data protection laws in business competition.

7. The responsibility burden among companies in the information age.

8. Gender related ethical issues and their legal consequences on companies.

9. The effectiveness of alcohol and cigarettes sale laws in protecting the society from unscrupulous business practices.

10. The role of organizational culture in curbing unethical behaviors in the workplace.


Business Administration

This is another important area to explore for business research paper topics. Note that administration is key in every business since it impacts of the decision making processes.

Accordingly, some of the potential business research topics for MBA students include:

1. The impact of wages as a key factor in employee productivity.

2. The impact of segmentation in marketing on production approaches.

3. The impact of social media advertisement on consumer attitudes and behavior.

4. The role of effective communication in the realization of a firm’s goals and objectives.

5. The impact of employee motivation on productivity and management of labor.

6. The role of organizational structures on employee performance in the global work environment.

7. The impact of effective strategic management on employee productivity.

8. The role of human resource development in enhancing employee productivity.

9. Effective approaches in the assessment and management of employee retention rates.

10. The role of auditing in enhancing effectiveness in a firm.

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