Career Goals Essay Overview 

Career goals essays are a requisite when seeking enrollment to higher learning institutions.

These essays particularly come in handy when applying for Master’s Studies.

During such application, they are considered equally as important as other documents in Bachelor’s Studies application, such as a personal statement.

Career goals essays are extremely essential to the college application process in numerous fields.

Rightly, the social work career goals essay is considered a critical requirement to social work college admission.

The application process may require proficiency in some areas, including social work skills for your resume.

You also require a good understanding of the various steps to essay writing.

To begin with, it is therefore necessary to understand what a career goals essay entails.

Per se, a career goals essay could be defined as:


A form of writing intended to describe the career path an individual seeks to pursue and the expected achievements.”


Overall, such an essay would require you to stipulate:

1. Your career aspirations,

2. Your achievements key to the realization of the aspirations, and

3. The relevance of your ambitions to personal growth and advancement of practice or field of study.


The career goals essay must therefore be inspiring enough to convince the readers that you are suitable for the position you are seeking.



Social Work Career Goals

A social work career goals essay is quite common when seeking admission to a Master’s of Social Work (MSW) program or even a social work internship.

Writing such an essay therefore requires an in-depth understanding of social work career goals and objectives.

Note that these goals should be aligned to the aims of social work.

Accordingly, social work career goals could be grouped into 2 categories that include:

1. Short-term social work career goals and

2. Long-term social work career goals.


Your social work career goals essay should clearly indicate the different short-term and long-term goals that you seek to achieve in the course of pursuing your career.

Markedly, there are a number of factors that you should consider when developing your social work career goals and objectives, whether short-term or long-term.

These factors include:

1. Where you want to see yourself in about 5 years,

2. Where you want to see yourself in about 10 years,

3. The events in your life that have made you to arrive at the specific goals and objectives,

4. The major that will help you realize the specific goals,

5. The skills required to realize these goals, and

6. The impact you want to have on the field of study and the larger society.


In line with the above factors, you can go ahead and create your long-term and short-term goals.


Long-term Social Work Career Goals

Long-term goals relate to your vision. They are very important in a social work career goals essay as they define what you want your social work career life to be at the end.

Usually, these goals should be guided by the respective aims of social work. They should therefore be broad enough while remaining as specific as possible-they should not be too broad or too general.

Approaches towards development of long-term social work career goals may include:


1. Finding a Solution to a Problem

This is the most basic approach when developing long-term goals. It should focus on an issue you are passionate about.

For instance, you could have real interest in resolving child abuse cases due to experiences someone you know went through in their childhood.

Based on the above case, an example of a long-term goal could be:


“Establishing state integrated institutions that provide shelter and counseling for girls who are direct and indirect victims of domestic violence.”


2. Eliminating Inefficiency using Available Approaches

You social work career goals essay could also adopt this approach when coming up with long-term social work career goals.

The approach entails identifying an inefficiency in the field of social work or social work processes and finding a way to eliminate the inefficiency using available means and resources.

For example, if you have a passion for issues on homelessness, you could seek to device solutions based on existing solutions.

A good long-term social work career goal example therefore could entail:


“Facilitating regular housing for all mentally sick individuals using the Housing First system.”


3. Leveraging on your Past Works or Experience

This is another feasible approach in devising long-term goals for your career goals essay. In this, you should consider past projects, college study areas, current career, and other activities outside your profession.

For instance, if you have an interest in health care, you could seek to join the medical profession as a social worker.

As such, the long-term goal for your social work career goals essay could be:


“Joining healthcare administration to utilize social work skills in identifying and securing relevant resources for patients.”


Short-term Social Work Career Goals

These are more immediate goals in your social work career. They are mostly the kind of goals to include in “my dream job” social worker essay.

In social work, they are common in both career goals essay for internship and career goals essay MSW.

They usually entail what you intend to do immediately when you graduate, that is, what you will do after completing the MSW degree program.

For example, your goal could be:

1. Working with the federal government social welfare department or

2. Enrolling for a Doctorate degree.


Note that the short-term goals should be aligned to your long-term goals.

Accordingly, you could include different professional development goals examples for social workers in this essay.

The objectives of the short-term goals is to illustrate your ability to make strides towards the realization of your long-term social work career goals.

In these goals, you must show that you understand that big projects require steady but realistic steps to be realized.

The goals should illustrate the following:

1. Your capacity to see to conclusion things or pursuits,

2. Your capacity to plan for things, and

3. Your capacity to connect the short-term goals to long-term goals.


In this, skills acquired from MSW studies should be combined with experience acquired from the short-term goals to prepare you adequately for the realization of long-term goals.



How to Write a Social Work Career Goals Essay

After establishing the respective social work career goals and objectives, now it’s time to write the essay.

Writing the essay should usually assume 5 key paragraphs. Each of the paragraphs play an important role and together make the essay coherent.

The paragraphs are as explained below.


Paragraph 1

This is the introduction paragraph and should seek to highlight your expertise in the social work field.

The paragraph should illustrate what you have done that is relevant to the achievement of your vision or long-term goal as a social worker.

You can do 3 important things that could help you write the introduction, including:

1. Reexamining your resume to identify your accomplishments and training,

2. Examining what you have accomplished that is relevant to the realization of your long-term goal,

3. Generating a list of skills acquired so far from your studies and related experiences.


In this paragraph, you should avoid recopying your resume. Instead, elucidate the acquired skills and how they make you an expert in social work or suitable for the accomplishment of your long-term goals.


Paragraph 2

This is also a critical paragraph in your social work career goals essay. It carries on from the skills already acquired as deliberated in paragraph 1 and discusses the skills that you need to gain.

Accordingly, you have to specify the skills gap that you are facing and that which requires bridging to enable you realize your long-term career goals.

It is therefore important to explain how the MSW will help you acquire the required skills.

To do this, you should focus on broader skills related to your long-term goals.

Show how the MSW will help unlock your potential through acquisition of appropriate skills.


Paragraph 3

At this point of your social work career goals essay, you have identified a problem, proposed a solution, highlighted skills relevant to the solution, and identified the respective skills gap.

Accordingly, this paragraph requires you to illustrate how the MSW will come in handy in bridging the identified skills gap.

You have to make the MSW program you are applying for feel distinctive and special.

This requires you to conduct an extensive research on the MSW program, where you should ask yourself 2 key questions that include:

1. What is an MSW?

2. Why choose this MSW?


To answer the two questions, you need to research on the identified skills gaps in relation to the MSW program you are writing the career goals essay for.

Areas on which to conduct the research include:

1. Courses,

2. Faculty,

3. Extracurricular activities,

4. Location, and

5. Alumni network.


Paragraph 4

This paragraph should focus on how you intend to apply the acquired skills immediately after graduation.

It should incorporate your short-term goals to your career pursuits.

In this, you should seek to generate different immediate and intermediate professional development goals examples for social workers.

This would require you to indicate how you intend to put into immediate practice the skills acquired after graduation.

The paragraph should leverage on the short-term goals to illustrate your ability to plan.


Paragraph 5

This is the concluding paragraph for your social work career goals essay. It should be brief and moving.

The conclusion should seek to achieve 2 key objectives that include:

1. Recapturing the problem identified in the introduction and

2. Stipulating your final claim on how this particular MSW will enable you realize your long-term goals.


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