Ideas for a Psychology Research Paper Overview

Is it another time you have to demonstrate your psychology research paper writing skills?

Note that psychology research papers are some of the most interesting and rewarding assignments in college.

In most cases, you will be required to find a topic area to research. This demands that you explore different ideas for a psychology research paper.

With assistance from your lecturer or other experts, you can narrow down these ideas to appropriate psychology research proposal topics.

Markedly, proposals are usually the beginning of the psychology research paper. It is therefore important to ensure that you have potent ideas for a psychology research paper.

Selecting these ideas requires a good understanding of key issues and areas in psychology.

Whether it is experimental psychology research topics, cognitive psychology research topics, or research topics in clinical psychology, the basic characteristics of a good research topic come in handy. [nbsp]

These characteristics include:

1. It should adhere to provided instructions

Sometimes, psychology research topics for college students are restricted by either the department or the instructor.

Such situations require you to conduct research within a particular area or topic.

It is therefore important to consult with your instructor when coming up with the topic of choice.

In such a case, entailed ideas for a psychology research paper have to conform to the provided instructions.

A good research topic should focus on current issues in the entailed field.

You should understand that research papers seek to enhance the understanding of a phenomenon or find a solution to an existing problem.

It is as such important to ensure that you avoid focusing on obsolete issues.

The psychology research proposal topics you intend to explore must add some value to the field.

3. It should be clear

Clarity is one of the most important characteristics of a research topic.

It is essential to ensure that psychology research proposal topics derive uniform interpretations among the readers.

They should consequently be clear in what they seek to explore.

Such clarity is also imperative in helping the reader easily understand what you intend to achieve from the research study.

Importantly, clarity should look into the actual scope of the research study.

4. It should use simple language

Language used to formulate the research topic is very important.

Per se, language is part of the required clarity.

Goods ideas for a psychology research paper should therefore consider the target audience.

In this, knowledge acquired through the research should be shared in easy-to-understand language.

The use of the simple language should begin when formulating the research topic, where jargon should be avoided as much as possible.

Identifying Good Ideas for a Psychology Research Paper

Identifying potential psychology research topics for college students is usually the first and one of the most important steps in writing a quality psychology research paper.

Usually, you will have the discretion to explore different areas, including experimental psychology research topics, cognitive psychology research topics, research topics in clinical psychology, and social psychology research topics.

Accordingly, identifying appropriate ideas for a psychology research paper would require you to adopt one of the two key strategies. These strategies include:

1. Exploring current issues in psychology

This is one of the most effective strategies in identifying ideas for a psychological research paper.

The approach requires you to search different materials and identify emerging issues related to psychology.

In search for such ideas, you can go through specific psychology materials like journals, magazines, newspapers, press releases, and online materials.

All ideas should be cross referenced with previous studies to ensure they are novel. [nbsp]

2. Focusing on a certain branch of psychology

This strategy would entail paying particular attention to specific core areas of psychology.

The process would require you to narrow down your search for ideas to specific areas of psychology.

This would require to examine specific bodies of knowledge related to experimental psychology research topics, cognitive psychology research topics, research topics in clinical psychology, social psychology research topics, human development research topics, and disorder or therapy topics.

Accordingly, examples of specific areas to focus on could include:

-Social cognition





-Social control

-Non-verbal communication

-Eating disorders

-Borderline personality disorder

-Cognitive behavior therapy

-Antisocial personality disorder


-Speech disorders




-Gender roles

-Prenatal development

-Learning disabilities

-Parenting styles

-Media and child development [nbsp]

Examples of Ideas for a Psychology Research Paper

Ideas for a psychology research paper can widely vary based on current issues and topic areas.

From such issues and topic areas, you can make different changes to suit your area of interest and body of knowledge.

That said, examples of some common ideas may include: [nbsp]

1. Psychology and psychiatry.[nbsp]

2. The origin and cause of phobias.

3. Some key causes of stress and their effective prevention measures or treatment approaches.

4. How motivation theories work and the entailed psychological elements.

5. Unconventional sexual behaviors among different individuals and their causes.

6. Psychology and happiness.

7. How suicidal behaviors work and their development.

8. The relationship between media and development of eating disorders. [nbsp]

9. The psychology of homophobes and their different presenting symptoms.

10. The role of nature and nurture in the development of hyperactivity among children.

11. Psychology and games.

12. Depression among different individuals, its causes, mitigation measures, and therapy.

13. The psychology behind schizophrenia and its influence on family life.

14. The psychology behind abortion and its impacts on the individual.

15. Psychology and marriage.

16. The main phases of human growth and development.

17. The relationship between stress and physical wellbeing.

18. The psychological behind serial offenders.

19. The psychological profile and mental development of terrorists.

20. Religion and psychology.

21. Meditation and its impact on psychological and mental state.

22. Peer pressure and it role in first-time sex among teenagers.

23. Understanding of mentally unhealthy children.

24. The impact of violent music and games on children.

25. Family counseling.

26. Memory in late adulthood.

27. The impact of loss on human psychological state.

28. The impact of social media stress among teenagers.

29. Workplace relationships and their impact on self-esteem.

30. Postpartum depression and its mitigation.

31. The psychology behind introverted and extroverted behavior.

32. Sports psychology and human mental health.

33. Relationships and mental health.

34. Mental health among the homeless.

35. Mob psychology.

36. The psychology of bipolar disorder and its management.

37. The psychology of hate crimes for both the perpetrators and victims.

38. Motivation and human psychology.

39. Violence and abuse among teenagers during dating.

40. The psychological impact of divorce on children.

41. Children psychology.

42. The psychology of sex offenders.

43. Socialization and mental health.

44. Capital punishment and its psychological impact on the criminal.

45. Geriatrics and mental illness.

Note that the above are just of the few ideas for a psychology research paper. [nbsp]You can modify or extrapolate these ideas to suit your specific context.[nbsp]