Types of Essays for College

Is it another time of the year that you are required to write an essay? Are you nervous about the nature of different types of essays for college? It is okay if you are a little bit worried. However, essay writing is one of the most interesting and easy tasks in college.

Good essays require you to demonstrate different writing skills as well as an understanding of issues around a certain topic. As such, the topic and requirements of the essay determine the content and the shape of your essay.

Note that successful academic pursuit requires you to possess in-depth knowledge and skills in how to write an essay step by step. Although essay the writing approach is quite siimilar, there are slight differences between essay genres.

As illustrated below, these essays genres encompass different types of compositions. [nbsp]


10 Types of Essays for College

1.[nbsp]Descriptive Essays

This is one of the major types of writing in college. It requires the writer to describe something, whether a place, person, situation, object emotion, or experience. Usually, it seeks an account of a certain experience. It is an interesting essay genre because it gives you the artistic freedom to create a vivid and moving image in the reader’s mind.

Good essays in this genre must be able to form a solid impression in the mind of the reader. As such, the key to writing this type of an essay is to use vivid language as well as your senses during the actual writing process. [nbsp]


2.[nbsp]Argumentative Essays

An argumentative essay is one of the most common types of essays for college across the globe. As a genre, it requires you to explore a topic, collect and evaluate information as evidence, and develop your position on the topic concisely. Doing this requires you to conduct an extensive literature research.

Such types of writings demand the collection of empirical data through various approaches, including observations, interviews, and experiments. The literature review is meant to give you a solid insight about the topic you seek to explore. This is intended to accord give you different viewpoints about the topic. You should use the collected evidence to support a particular position. [nbsp][nbsp]


3.[nbsp]Expository Essays

This genre is similar to argumentative essays. It requires you to explore an idea, collect and evaluate information as evidence, and develop your position on the topic concisely. It encompasses a key category of types of essays for college. Sometimes, other types of writing such as definition essays, compare and contrast essays, and cause and effect essays fall under this category.

Goods essays under this genre should exhibit the below features.

A thesis statement: The thesis statement should be clear and concise and appear in the first paragraph.

Evidence: Each body paragraph should contain evidence supporting the main argument. The evidence could be statistical, logical, factual, or anecdotal.

Effective transition: There should be logical transition between the respective essay parts (introduction, body, and conclusion).

Creativity: It should be interesting to read. You should exercise your imagination and different literary skills.[nbsp]


4.[nbsp]Narrative Essays

Being among the most common types of essays for college, narrative essays require you to express yourself in a creative and moving way. They could be personal, experiential, or anecdotal. Narrative essays should encompass the below features:

Should be inclusive: This is when they encompass a story (they should include an introduction, setting, characters, plot, climax, and conclusion).

Should have a purpose: This pertains to the essay thesis.

Should use appropriate language: Should use language that evokes particular emotions and creates certain images.

Should have a proper organization: This is important in the flow of ideas. It looks at both the paragraphs and sentences.[nbsp]


5.[nbsp]Persuasive Essays

Sometimes regarded as argumentative essays, this genre is one of the most common types of essays for college. It differs from the argumentative essay in that it seeks to urge readers to opt for or against specific acts. Differently, argumentative essays only intend to reflect the both sides of a coin.

Essay examples in this genre should clearly state their position, effectively understand the current position of their target audience, support their position and arguments with evidence, and present their evidence in a structured manner. [nbsp][nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]


6.[nbsp]Process Essays

This category of an essay explicates the process entailed in making or breaking something. Such essays usually entail a step-by-step process and are therefore written in a numerical or chronological order. Further, they are written in prescriptive or descriptive modes. The descriptive mode is the main difference between process essays and technical documents.

Particularly in sciences, process essays are among the most critical types of essays for college. Essay examples in this genre include lab reports. These essays are usually written around the objective of providing particular guidance or direction.[nbsp]


7.[nbsp]Compare and Contrast Essays

Compare and contrast essays seek to establish the similarities and differences between two or more objects. As revealed in the words ‘compare’ and ‘contrast’, such types of essays for college intend to evaluate your understanding of different objects in respect to each other. College essay topics in this genre may revolve around different methods, theories, or historical periods.

Note that compare and contrast essays may assume two main structures, that is, block structure or point-by-point structure. In the block structure, you should exhaustively provide information about one particular object before proceeding to the next. Differently, each contrast or similarity for one object should be directly followed by that of the other object in the point-by-point structure. [nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]


8.[nbsp]Critical Essays

As a key category among different types of essays for college, critical essays entail a type of writing that seeks to analyse, interpret, and evaluate a particular text. It essentially involves claims about how ideas or themes have been advanced in the text, and supporting the claims using evidence derived the text itself.

A critical essay usually analyzes and evaluates meanings in a text from an objective point of view. It should be written with a specific audience in mind. For literary works, a critical essay could focus on key themes, motifs, literary terms and devices, meanings, directions, or structure.[nbsp]


9.[nbsp]Definition Essays

Definition essays entail writings that express personal understanding of meanings of concepts, terms, or ideas. In most cases, definition essays focus on abstract terms that require personal interpretation. For instance, essay topics for definition essays could revolve around terms such as love, honesty, justice, etc.

The definition can start with the basic dictionary definition and then extend to your personal understanding supported by gathered evidence. Being among the key types of essays for college, this category of essays is quite diverse in scope. In this, the entailed definition could be part of the essay or encompass the entire essay. [nbsp]


10.[nbsp]Cause and Effect Essays

Cause and effect essays examine the reasons (causes) for the existence or occurrence of something, and sequentially go ahead to discuss the results (effects). The cause and effect could be part of the essay or be the entire essay. [nbsp]Sometimes, only the causes or effects are discussed.

You can opt for either the block or the chain structure when writing a cause and effect essay. For the chain structure, all the causes are noted down and then followed by all the effects. Differently, each cause is followed by its respective effect in the chain structure.


Writing different Types of Essays

As noted above, there are primarily 10 types of essays. Writing these essay may require different approaches and skills. It is therefore advisable to consult with experts where and when necessary. Rightly, you can rely on our essay writing service for college for the appropriate guidance.[nbsp]