Social work research questions

Overview of Research Questions In social work, searching for empirical evidence starts with the formulation of a research question or hypothesis. The nature of the research questions influence numerous features of the study being conducted, including: 1. Study approach 2. Research design 3. Measurement 4. Selection of participants 5. Data collection methods 6. Data analysis […]

Research paper introduction example

Overview of an Introduction Introduction is an essential part of a research paper. It is the first section that a reader goes through and therefore should be captivating in its crafting in its efforts to express the subject under study. Although writing an introduction is usually one of the last steps for writing a research paper, […]

How to write recommendations in a case study

Overview of Recommendations in a Case Study The recommendations section is considered the most important section when it comes to how to write a case study assignment. Rightly, the main objective of a case study report is to generate recommendations aimed to solve the business problem under analysis. Therefore, before you come up with suggestions on the […]

Good informative essay topics

Informative Writing Informative writing is quite common in our lives. Such writing may include a set of instructions, grocery list, web article, academic journal, text book, and encyclopedia. So, what is informative writing? In short, informative writing can be defined as: “Writing intended to provide particular information.” From the definition, it can be said that […]