Good informative essay topics

Informative Writing Informative writing is quite common in our lives. Such writing may include a set of instructions, grocery list, web article, academic journal, text book, and encyclopedia. So, what is informative writing? In short, informative writing can be defined as: “Writing intended to provide particular information.” From the definition, it can be said that […]

Research paper abstract examples

Overview of an Abstract Abstracts are a key part of scholarly and professional writing. Whether you are writing a research paper,  research proposal, project proposal, thesis, dissertation, or capstone project, you will be required to include an abstract. However, most writers find writing an abstract an arduous or inconsequential task, and therefore end up making numerous mistakes. It nonetheless necessary to […]

Public Health Topics for Research Paper

Overview of Public Health As a scholar in public health, you will be required to conduct research in areas related to your field of study. Just like the case with health topics for research papers, evidence based practice topics for nurses, or mental health topics for research paper, public health topics for research paper have to be suitable […]

Dissertation table of contents

Overview When writing a dissertation, organization is equally as important as the content. Dissertations are some of the most complex and voluminous writing undertakings in a scholar’s life. They will in some cases span to over numerous chapters, sections, and pages. Without appropriate planning and structuring, writing and reading is likely to become an arduous task […]

Critical Reflection Essay Examples

Overview Critical reflection essays are a key requirement for learners in different fields and disciplines. Whether it is a reflective essay for nursing or social work, you are required to employ a particular language and writing style that aligns to your study area. It is important to note that reflective writing should be linked to theories in […]

Mental health topics for research paper

Mental Health Research Papers Mental research is one of the most common areas explored in psychology research papers. Scholars both in psychology and medical fields will at some point be required to write a research paper examining a particular mental health issue. Whether it is at bachelors, masters, or doctorate level, you will have to come […]

Evidence Based Practice Topics for Nurses

What is Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing? As a nursing student, you will be required to execute evidence-based practice projects as part of your graduation program. One of the key steps in executing such projects entails coming up with appropriate evidence-based practice topics for nurses. Doing this will require you to first understand what is evidence-based […]

Sample of a Literature Review Outline

Literature Review Approaches When writing a literature review, a sample of a literature review outline comes in handy. Note that any sample of a literature review outline to use is founded on a specific approach. Therefore, before you begin the actual writing, you need to first understand the different literature review approaches you could adopt. […]