Argumentative Medical Essay Topics Overview

Argumentative medical essays are some of the most common types of essays in medical school.

They are key assessment tools used to test your understanding of course content as well as the application of acquired knowledge in different contexts.

The process of writing a medical essay is usually easy and interesting. For medical students, all you need is the ability to clearly express your thoughts on course content.[nbsp]

Such articulation of thoughts requires excellent skills on the appropriate[nbsp]steps to essay writing.

That said, it is common for scholars to experience anxiety when required to write medical argumentative essays.

This is partly because of the dilemma associated with choosing appropriate medical argumentative essay topics?

It is important not to panic! With the right skills, it can be a relatively easy task.

Among these skills, determining the correct medical debate topics to explore is quite paramount.

Just like in the case with selecting medical research paper topics, choosing the appopriate argumentative essay topic enhances your chances of producing quality work.[nbsp][nbsp]

Per se, selecting the correct argumentative essay topic requires you to come up with a list of medical topics in a particular area of interest.

To do this, you have to clearly understand the different traits of good medical debate topics. These traits include:

1. It should have the right scope

Scope is a key feature to consider when selecting the topic to write about among your potential list of medical topics. [nbsp]

You should ensure that your health essay topics are neither too broad nor too narrow. The essay topic should have a manageable scope to make your arguments flow easily.

As such, your argumentative medical essay topics should maintain focus on a particular issue.

Topics that wander in different directions make the reader easily loose interest.

Differently, topics with the right scope are able to incorporate the right information while ensuring the right structure and flow of thought. [nbsp]

2. It should answer a particular question

Health essay topics should seek to answer a question.

The question acts as guide on the direction the essay should take. The entire essay should therefore be developed around a particular question.

Sometimes, the question itself should act as the thesis statement for the essay.

In this, you can start the essay by asking a question. This is an effective way of giving readers the direction of the essay as well as capturing their interest.

The readers are likely to be interested in knowing your answers to the question. These answers must be comprehensive enough. [nbsp][nbsp]

3. It should be debatable

Health essay topics for argumentative essays should be contentious.

You should come up with a list of medical topics on controversial issues in a particular area of the medical field.

Note that the controversy is the foundation of the arguments in the essay. Therefore, any topic that is not likely to be divisive in opinion should be avoided.

When writing on argumentative medical essay topics, you should assume a strong position about entailed issues right from the beginning.

You should then go ahead to support the position in the following body paragraphs.

In you conclusion, you must finish strongly to ensure that it is clear the position you take in the debate.


4. It should be interesting

You should focus on medical debate topics that strike your interest.

Remember that you are likely to produce a good essay in an area that you are interested in.

If you have the discretion to choose the essay topic, you should focus on topic areas that capture your interest.

Where you are required to select among particular health essay topics, you should go for a topic that is closest to your area of interest.

When possible, it is also important to ensure that the argumentative medical essay topics you intend to write about are funny or assume unanticipated direction.

This is important in intensifying the debate and making the essay more interesting for the reader.

Ideas on Medical Argumentative Essay Topics

Interesting medical topics for presentation or essay assignments should have the above discussed traits.

It is therefore your duty to assess which topic is the most suitable considering your interests and level of knowledge in a particular area.

That said, example medical argumentative essay topics ideas include:

1. Should there be systematic and monitored regulation of antibiotics use?

2. Should the wishes of the parents prevail those of the doctor when treating a minor? [nbsp]

3. Should physicians take full legal responsibility for medical accidents and incidents arising from their negligence?

4. Are health campaigns effective tools in disease prevention and control?

5. Should organ transplantation be restricted to only people who have led healthy lifestyles?

6. Should social media activities relating to healthcare practices and medical approaches be regulated?

7. Should mental health be identified as the major health threat in the 21st century America?

8. Should vaccinations against infectious diseases among children be mandatory?

9. Should health campaigns on medical check-ups and disease prevention be categorized as a major healthcare funding priority?

10. Should surrogate pregnancy be restricted to only the cases demanded by apparent medical conditions?

11. Should obesity be declared the number one threat to national health in the US?

12. Should euthanasia be legalized?[nbsp]

13. Has the Affordable Care Act lowered the quality of healthcare services being provided in the US?

14. Should alternative forms of therapies be included in the national healthcare program?[nbsp]

15. Has digital technology enhanced the gap in quality of health care service being provided in the US?

16. Does the US tax reform strengthen some healthcare providers at the expense of others?

17. Should the cost of healthcare in US be regulated as an approach towards enhancing access?

18. Should there be free healthcare services for the homeless and the disadvantaged persons in the US?

19. Should contraception be provided to teenagers?

20. Should advertisement for quick food be banned from mainstream media?

21. Should patients be allowed more freedom in choosing between natural and chemical medications?

22. Should genetic engineering be allowed in treatment of incurable diseases?

23. Should marijuana be categorized as a prescription drug for pain relief management?

24. Should funding of medical research be solely determined and regulated by government agencies?

25. Should life-saving medical procedures be made free in the US?

The Process of Writing Essays on Medical Argumentative Essay Topics

Writing essays on medical argumentative topics should start with an introduction paragraph that contains the thesis statement.

This paragraph should begin with a hook to capture the reader’s attention.

The paragraph should also give a background for the topic issue and create a context of the study.

Then you should support the thesis in the body paragraphs. This should follow the appropriate essay structure.

Lastly, you should reintroduce your thesis statement in the conclusion and summarize the key arguments that support it.

In this, you should clearly state your position.