Writing a Process Analysis Essay

Writing process analysis essays are common tasks in college.

Just like in the case of an argumentative essay, writing a process analysis essay may require a distinctive set of skills.

Note that process analysis essays usually focus on technical areas, which makes them detail-inclined, lengthy, and complicated.

For this reason, good topics for process analysis essays should be quite complex while remaining simple enough for the audience to understand.

Before you embark on choosing the topic, it is essential to have a clear understanding of what is a process analysis essay.


Process Analysis Essays

A process analysis essay seeks to explain the process of a system in a logical and objective manner.

It can be defined as:

“A form of writing that is usually employed in technical writing with the intention of explaining composite systems in a simple, intelligible, and comprehensible manner”.

Following the above definition, when writing a process analysis essay, you are required to critically analyze the steps of the entailed process, and identify the most appropriate way of writing the essay.

Such writing demands extensive details and therefore you have to have firsthand experience on an issue/ process or conduct an in-depth research.

The essay should be clear and direct.

To make it easy to follow, you should be specific and straightforward.


Choosing Topics for Process Analysis Essays

Choosing an essay topic is a thorough process.

Whether it’s topics in pop culture or argumentative topics in education, it is critical to ensure that you get it right.

Accordingly, there are various issues to put in mind when selecting an essay topic.

Key issues to consider when selecting topics for process analysis essays include:


1. Should have Significant Knowledge about the Topic

It is important to select a topic in an area you have adequate knowledge about.

Particularly, for informative process analysis essay topics, you have to possess enough knowledge on an issue or area to effectively inform the audience.

You should therefore start by examining areas that you have covered in your course.

Otherwise you need to conduct a thorough research on an area when choosing topics for process analysis essays.


2. Should Focus on your Strengths

It is advisable to pay more attention to areas that you exhibit prowess in.

When choosing informative process analysis essay topics, you should focus on areas you excel in when compared to your classmates.

You should opt for an area where you are confident of being a leading expert among your peers.

Past experiences whether in class tasks or activities outside school environment should help inform the topics you decide to write about.

Accordingly, you should choose topics that you have the best opportunity to do better in than your classmates.


3. Should Select Conventional Processes

Good topics for process analysis essays should expound on straightforward processes.

It is prudent to focus on processes defined by clear steps and/or procedures.

In this, you should explore topics on how to do things, including industrial processes.


Examples of Topics for Process Analysis Essays

Topics for process analysis essays can be derived from different areas and fields, whether pure sciences, social issues, or emerging trends.

Above noted, topics examples include:

1. How to study for end of semester exams.

2. How to make fire without matchsticks.

3. How to electric car motor works.

4. How to expand your social network circle.

5. How plants generate energy through photosynthesis.

6. How to write are a term paper.

7. How bacteria causes decay in dead organisms.

8. How to write an email.

9. How to install an antivirus on MacBook.

10. How to deal with rejection.

11. How to make Neapolitan pizza.

12. How to manage panic attacks.

13. How to manufacture soap through esterification.

14. How to write an essay.

15. How to find cheapest books deals online.

16. How to pitch a camping tent.

17. How latex is processed into rubber.

18. How to apply for scholarship.

19. How artificial intelligence works in self-driving cars.

20. How to repair a dishwasher.

21. How to make a coffee table using pellets.

22. How to build an Android app.

23. How to prepare your curriculum vitae.

24. How to write a research paper.

25. How to incubate chicken eggs in a hatchery.

26. How to stop a bad habit.

27. How to set a local area network for a small business.

28. How to make a smoothie.

29. How to become a registered nurse.

30. How to create a kitchen garden.

31. How to make a small birthday cake.

32. How to choose a roommate in college.

33. How to open a business Instagram account.

34. How to climb a mountain.

35. How to take a dog for a walk in the park.

36. How to extract poison from venomous snakes.

37. How to upgrade an Android OS.

38. How to resolve disputes at workplace.

39. How to fish for crabs.

40. How to score As’ in college.

41. How solar panels work.

42. How to make friends in college.

43. How to refine crude oil.

44. How to pass a driving test.

45. How to drill a borehole.

46. How to plan a wedding party.

47. How to mine crypto currency.

48. How to use Google Maps.

49. How to paint a portrait.

50. How canned meat is produced in mass.

51. How to build a stocks portfolio.

52. How to lose weight the right way.

53. How to prepare for pea soup.

54. How to plan for a road trip in Europe.

55. How to mow a lawn.

56. How to make homemade butter.

57. How to use bio printers to make body parts.

58. How to perform a card illusion.

59. How to stay debt free in college.

60. How to genetically modify cotton.

61. How to make ghee from milk.

62. How to tour US cities on a $1000 budget.

63. How to install a CCTV system.

64. How to control anxiety during exams.

65. How to improve your English writing skills.

66. How to vacuum clean your carpet.

67. How to increase your Twitter following.

68. How to clean house gutters.

69. How to conduct a research study survey.

70. How to build a fish pond.

71. How to write a comic book.

72. How to effectively market products using Facebook.

73. How to write a thesis paper.

74. How to trade in the stock exchange market.

75. How to build a website.

76. How to survive college on limited finances.

77. How to wash a baby.

78. How to skate on the ice.

79. How to write a poem.

80. How to edit photos using Photoshop.

81. How to paraphrase.

82. How to make an omelet.

83. How to avoid burnout in workplaces.

84. How to train a dog.

85. How to plan your academic semester.

86. How to edit a video.

87. How to revise for a mathematics exam.

88. How to make ice cream.

89. How to start a YouTube channel.

90. How formula 1 points are awarded.

91. How to install wooden floor in a house.

92. How to choose a major in college.

93. How to publish a journal article.

94. How to campaign for a students’ leadership position.

95. How to prepare pasta.

96. How to plant potatoes.

97. How gold is refined.

98. How to care for a wound.

99. How to find a job.

100. How to organize a sales promotion.

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