picot question

PICO (T) Question

Applying evidence-based practice (EBP) in nursing in not always easy.
Although it is one of the most important skills in nursing, its application particularly among nursing students maybe challenging.
It raises several questions.
Do you have a suitable evidence-based nursing topic?  
What good evidence-based practice examples can you reference?  
How do you compile evidence?
How do you ask the PICO (T) question?

evidence-based practice nursing examples

Evidence-Based Practice nursing examples

What are good evidence-based practice nursing examples?
What can you learn from the examples?
What is the place of evidence-based practice (EBP) in nursing?
Applying evidence-based practice in nursing requires you to review and assess the most recent research and then use the acquired knowledge to transform care delivery.

Nursing care plan template

Nursing care plan template

A nursing care plan template is an essential tool in nursing practice. Notably, writing a nursing care plan is a necessity for both practicing nurses and nursing students. Nurses use templates to create care plans that are designed to treat different conditions. Whether you are writing a nursing care plan for imbalanced nutrition, nursing care […]

DNP project ideas

DNP Project Ideas

So, what is a DNP project? What does it entail?

“In nutshell, a DNP program is a culminating project that prepares students on ways to bridge the gap between new science and practice integration.”

Accordingly, candidates exploring DNP project ideas are expected to create projects that apply research, plans, and practices that advance implementation and profession outcomes.
Note that DNP projects take different forms.

Writing a Nursing Diagnosis

What is a Nursing Diagnosis? In line with NANDA nursing diagnosis 2020, a nursing diagnosis can be defined as: “A clinical judgment done on an individual, family, or community responses to potential or actual health problems or life processes”.   In this, a nursing diagnosis acts as the basis for the selection of nursing interventions […]