Formulating Research Questions

Importance of Research Questions Research questions are a requisite in every research or dissertation paper. The research question (s) has a major influence on the research methods to be adopted and therefore the validity of the research. The research question is important in research for various reasons that include: a) It plays a key role in […]

Writing a Research Hypothesis

Why you Need a Good Research Hypothesis Hypothesis encompasses a tentative guesses that predicts the relationship among distinctive variables. Generally, hypotheses can be categorized as either null hypothesis or alternative hypothesis. The null hypothesis entails a put-forward theory that the researcher seeks to use in advancing a particular line of argument or believes to be […]

Writing Different Dissertation Chapters

Dissertation Chapters Overview What distinguishes a dissertation paper from a contemporary essay is its approach to a topic; which is defined by respective dissertation chapters. All the chapters should follow each other in a sequence, with every previous chapter laying a foundation for the next one. Harmony within and among the chapters is key in […]

Data Analysis in Research/Dissertation Papers

The Purpose of Data Analysis Data analysis forms an integral section of a research/dissertation paper. It encompasses a process aimed at generating answers to respective research questions by examining and interpreting data. In this, data analysis is important for numerous reasons as explained below: a) It is essential in generating insights on pertinent issues raised in […]

Choosing a Research Methodology

The Role of Research Methodology The research methodology is considered the most essential element of a research study. It has a profound effect on the research study and the researcher needs to get it right. It serves numerous purposes, including: a) It explains why a research study has to be conducted in a certain way. The […]

Choosing a Thesis Topic

The Need to get it Right when Choosing a Thesis Topic Thesis topic defines the kind of research endeavor a researcher is to engage in. It is therefore of paramount importance to get your thesis topic right. This is because the thesis topic is essential in a number of ways: a) First, the thesis topic determines […]

Writing a Thesis Proposal

Purpose Writing a thesis proposal demands an intricate understanding of what the thesis proposal should intend to achieve. Some of the things the thesis proposal should achieve include: a) Demonstrating the need to conduct research on a topic. Thesis proposal is the tool used to identify research gaps and the consequent need for a research study. […]

Writing a Personal Statement

Relevant Content Personal statements are the tools admission board members use to determine an individual’s suitability in joining an institution. As such, the board is looking for certain information from the personal statement. Such information includes: a) Reasons behind your interest in pursuing a course; where one should clearly illustrate well-founded interest, inspiration in the pursuit […]