Elements of a Good Essay

Overview of an Essay

Essays entail short literary works that give an individual’s view about the issues under examination. Generally, there are numerous questions to ask when writing an essay. These questions are critical in exploring how to navigate through the various elements that define a good essay.


Elements of a Good Essay

The respective elements of a masterpiece essay encompass:



Thesis entails the general proposition being advanced in your essay. The thesis should be expressed as a statement, and should usually appear as the last sentence in the introductory paragraph. The thesis statement should be precise in scope, generally true, and arguable.



The essay must be guided by a specific purpose. This purpose should be well stipulated at the beginning of the essay, and must be reflected upon throughout the essay. It should explain why the topic under study is worth exploring.


Solid Background

The essay must lay a foundation for the issues under study. The reader should be able to understand the motivation behind writing the essay. This can only be achieved through a summary of the concerns that have inspired the essay and respective concerns. The background should also set the context of the essay to include important features like scene, characters/individuals involved, and comments or quotations.



The arguments advanced in the essay must be supported by evidence/facts. Opinions expressed should be backed by data that illustrate the nature or magnitude of the issue being studied. The evidence should be adequate enough, solid in facts, and relevant to the issue(s) being explored.


Good Structure

The structure of the essay is essential in the flow of ideas. In most cases, the structure of an essay entail three key parts that consist of introduction, body, and conclusion. While the introduction and the conclusion should be one paragraph each in length, the body could be three or more paragraphs. The introduction should encompass the thesis, purpose, and background. On the other hand, the body should have different paragraphs supporting the thesis. Each paragraph should comprise one major point and the supporting evidence. Lastly, the conclusion should summarize all the major points and state your position on the issues deliberated upon in the essay.



Coherence is paramount in a good essay. The arguments advanced must be well structured to allow a free flow of ideas. This is commonly achieved through effective paragraphing, good sentence structuring, and proper transitioning.

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