Essay on Nursing Career Goals

Goals in a Nursing Career Overview Nursing career goals are very important in the professional life of a nurse. This is because they usually outline the career path of a nurse. For that reason, as a nurse you, in various scenarios you might be required to provide incisive examples of nursing career goals. For instance, […]

PESTLE analysis for Amazon

Overview of PESTLE Analysis The PESTLE analysis is an important framework used to analyze various macro factors within a business environment. It is a key strategic management tool used by organizations in different scenarios. In business school, PESTLE analysis encompasses a common course assessment exercise. Sometimes appearing in its variant PEST, PESTLE is an acronym […]

SWOT analysis for Tesla

Overview of SWOT analysis Conducting a SWOT analysis demands proficiency in numerous areas key to writing an assignment in business school. In real business scenarios, a SWOT analysis is instrumental in making strategy decisions important to business growth and long-term survival. On the other hand, in academics, just like a Nike’s business strategy or business case study, the SWOT analysis […]

Types of Writing Structure

Overview of Types of Writing More likely than not you will be required to write an essay in English when pursuing your higher education in countries like Canada, US, Australia, UK, New Zealand, or even UAE. This is meant to help advance your skills as well as assess them. Note that writing is an important skill in professional […]

Genres of Academic Writing

Overview of Genres of Academic Writing The academics field is defined by different genres of writing. In some cases, these genres determine how different texts and text types should be used and structured. Proficiency in these genres therefore requires you to develop respective academic writing skills. Per se, a genre could be defined as a […]

Business Research Paper Topics

Business Research Paper Topics Overview  Business school is not business school without business research papers. When pursuing a business course, you are at some point guaranteed to come across business research papers as core examination tools. This is for all academic levels. Accordingly, business case studies just like business research papers are some of the most common assignments […]

The Business Strategy of Nike

Overview of Business Strategy Writing an essay, an essay report, or a case study on the business strategy of Nike is one of the common assignments in business school. When executing such assignments, you are required to demonstrate extensive knowledge about business strategies as well as Nike. Rightly, a business strategy can be viewed as a plan implemented by […]

How to Write an Essay Report

Overview of an Essay Report Reports are some of the most common types of essays in college and university. They are usually found in the fields of business, science, and research. Despite the difference in fields, essay reports share a similar writing approach. In business school, skills on how to write essay reports are considered as equally […]

Business Case Study Format

Overview of a Case Study Format Case studies are some of the most common assignments in business school. They can be considered to be in the same category as business research paper. This makes skills on how to write a case study quite important. Developing such skills requires you to understand the purpose of case studies. Accordingly, case […]