Overview of a Persuasive Speech

Just like medical argumentative essay topics, medical persuasive speech topics are an area medical students will be required to explore.

This is because writing a persuasive speech is a common assignment in medical college.

It requires you to explore interesting persuasive speech topics and then go ahead to write an argument supporting a particular view.

This demands an understanding of what a persuasive speech entails.

Per se, a persuasive speech can be defined as:


“A type of speech where the speaker seeks to convince the audience to adopt their point of view on a particular issue.”


The objective of the speech is to convince the audience to adopt a certain perspective.

This objective is not easily realizable, and the effectiveness of the speech is measured by its ability to convince the audience.



Features of Good Medical Persuasive Speech Topics

Note that in medical school, there are high chances that you will be required to write a persuasive speech.

The first step in writing such assignments is usually to come up with an assortment of interesting persuasive speech topics from which you can select the most suitable one to explore.

Just like in the case of medical research paper topics, persuasive speech topics have to exhibit some key features.

Features for medical persuasive speech topics include:


1. Should be Interesting

This is one of the most important features when it comes to choosing your medical persuasive speech topics.

Note that the topic should effectively capture your interest.

To ensure it is interesting, you have to look for fun persuasive speech topics.

You should however ensure that besides being interesting, the topic is realistic in its magnitude and complexity.

Too complex or too easy speech topics should be avoided.

In summary, good medical persuasive speech topics should focus on the right research scope, produce a strong argument, and advance a healthy discussion.

Finding such topics requires you to conduct a thorough research on different areas of medical practice before settling on a particular topic.


2. It should be Unique

This is another important feature that is characteristic in good medical persuasive speech topics. It involves the originality of the topic.

Accordingly, medical speech topics for students should not be overly common. This demands that you avoid debate areas that have been extensively covered.

As such, some persuasive speech examples you should not seek to explore include topics on excessively deliberated areas like euthanasia or legalization of marijuana or abortion.

To help come up with unique and fun persuasive speech topics, you should explore areas on trending medical topics.


3. It should be Appealing to the Audience

This is another important features of good medical persuasive speech topics. It demands that you ensure that the topic is pleasing to the audience.

For this reason, you have to keep the audience in mind when selecting the speech topic to write about.

The topic you choose should be appropriate for your target audience. For instance, if you are targeting first year college students, it is advisable to look for easy speech topics.

Respectively, medical speech topics for students should reflect their level of knowledge and experiences.

The interests and levels of knowledge of the target audience has to be considered for the speech to effectively persuasive.


4. It should be Relevant

This is one of the most important features of good medical persuasive speech topics.

It entails ensuring that your speech topic is suitable for the specific event.

Despite how fun persuasive speech topics could be, they have to be suitable for the event they are intended for.

For example, interesting persuasive speech topics on autism may not be suitable for an event on diabetes.



Medical Persuasive Speech Topics

You can explore different areas for appropriate and interesting persuasive speech topics.

That said, examples of good medical persuasive speech topics include:

1. Regular medical checkups could reduce risk of untimely deaths.

2. Schools should adopt a curriculum on sex education for teenagers.

3. The use of marijuana should be allowed for patients in severe pain.

4. People suffering from diabetes should not engage on physically straining work.

5. People should regulate the amount of meat intake as way of promoting healthy living.

6. The society should invent more on mental health as it affects everybody.

7. Cities should be designed to support cycling as an approach towards healthy lives among residents.

8. People living in the cities should emulate rural lives as much as possible to increase their lifespans.

9. People should avoid fast food outlets as a way of supporting healthy living.

10. More regulation is required for effective management of the fast food industry.

11. Banning advertisement of drugs and substances could help in solving the addiction problem.

12. People should create time for adequate sleep as way of improving personal health.

13. Improvement of air quality should be the primary approach towards management of asthma.

14. Steroids in all animal feeds should be banned.

15. The adoption of euthanasia could help reduce suicide rates.

16. Smoking should be banned for all recovering surgery patients to help improve care results.

17. The importance of organ donation to the general societal health and wellbeing.

18. Vaccines should be the primary treatment focus for emerging viral diseases.

19. Plastic surgery should be restricted to valid medical objectives.

20. People should avoid taking diet pills as a treatment for their nutritional conditions.

21. The prices of prescription drugs should be regulated by an independent institution.

22. Mobile phones should be kept away from the body to reduce potential health problems.

23. The government should be involved in making healthy foods more affordable.

24. The society should invest more resources in medical research than entertainment.

25. Helicopter ambulances should be primarily used in road accidents and fire incidences.

26. Healthy people should become regular blood donors.

27. All people above 12 years should be taught how to conduct a CPR.

28. Government should fully support the needle-exchange programs to prevent HIV spread.

29. People should invest adequate time for physical exercise.

30. Teenagers should be given access to birth control pills.

31. The pharmaceutical industry should be more regulated to help serve societal health needs and interests.

32. Breastfeeding should be supported for most possible recommended months.

33. Stomach stapling should be avoided at all costs.

34. Terminally ill patients should be volunteer in research programs.

35. People should focus on improving their indoor air as a way of enhancing their health.

36. The intake of birth control pills should be regulated.

37. Proper nutrition at infancy could help mitigate against health conditions later in life.

38. Proper care approaches could help reduce the severity of post-traumatic stress among soldiers.

39. People should adopt good nutrition to help reduce the risk of heart attack.

40. Dental care services and insurance should be fully incorporated into primary care.

41. Proper access to healthcare services can save society a lot of money.

42. Food allergy should be categorized as a disease.

43. The government should channel more money into addressing child obesity.

44. Alternative medicine should be encouraged for infertile couples.

45. People should increase their water intake to help improve their health.

46. The society needs to focus on generics as a way of reducing the cost of treatment.

47. The government should fully support and implement policies on universal healthcare.

48. Organ transplant programs should prioritize the children.

49. People should constantly monitor their blood pressure to avoid heart complications.

50. Food safety should be streamlined to enhance proper access to nutrition.

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