How to Write a History Essay

Overview of a History Essay Essays are some of the most common genres of writing in history. For this reason, skills on how to write a history essay come in handy for all history students. Note that such essays seek to assess and evaluate the student’s progress in history. The essay therefore tests different skills, including: 1. […]

How to Head a Paper in College

Paper Header Overview Skills on how to head a paper in college come in handy when writing an essay, a research paper, and many other types of college assignments. The header is an important feature in professional and academic papers. This is because it contains information such as: 1. Title or author of the work and 2. Page […]

Researching for an Essay

Overview of Essay Research Although sometimes considered laborious especially among novel writers, researching for an essay is usually a rewarding process. All you need are proficient skills on how to research. Such research skills are critical when writing an essay in English as they facilitate the gathering of evidence. These skills make it easy to navigate through […]

Types of Writing Formats

Overview of Writing Formats  Writing formats are very important in professional and academic writing. They do not only give the written work an appropriate structure but also enhance the credibility of such work. Some of the areas where writing formats could prove to be quite important include: 1. Developing a research paper outline 2. Developing an essay outline […]