10 Critical Skills for Social Work Resume

Overview of a Social Work Resume In the career life of a social worker, resume writing usually comes in handy when seeking for different positions or opportunities. This makes understanding the skills for social work resume very important for both practicing social workers and social work students. Just like is the case with the knowledge on social work […]

SWOT Analysis for General Motors

General Motors Company Overview When conducting a SWOT analysis for General Motors, it is important to understand the company’s background. Per se, General Motors is a multinational corporation that deals with the designing, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of vehicles and vehicle parts as well as sale of financial services. Some of the General Motors facts […]

Nursing Care Plan for Nausea

Overview of Nausea Writing a nursing care plan for nausea is a common undertaking for practicing nurses. In nursing college, you are likely to come across the care plan as an assessment meant to ascertain your skills on how to write a college assignment. Just like in the case of EBP in nursing, nursing care plan for bleeding, […]

Social Work Code of Ethics Summary

Overview of Social Work Code of Ethics Social work practice is guided by a set of code of ethics. In the US, this set is referred to as the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics. Students during their studies learn the Social Work Code of Ethics, where they commit to always adhere […]