Writing a Nursing Diagnosis

What is a Nursing Diagnosis? In line with NANDA nursing diagnosis 2020, a nursing diagnosis can be defined as: “A clinical judgment done on an individual, family, or community responses to potential or actual health problems or life processes”.   In this, a nursing diagnosis acts as the basis for the selection of nursing interventions […]

500 Words Essay Example

Writing a 500 words essay?  How do you write a 500 words essay introduction? What essay format should you use? The 500 words essay is one of the most common essay lengths for high school, undergraduate, and postgraduate students. 500 Words Essay Depending on the purpose, you are likely to come across such essays in […]

Research Paper Topics in Education

Overview of Research in Education Research in education is critical in changing education’s scope and quality across the globe. In higher education, the importance of research is evident in the fact that research papers are usually a requisite for graduation. Such research requires you to understand the tenets that pertain to education research as well […]

Types of Research Papers

Overview of Research Papers Research papers are some of the most common academic undertakings for scholars. This is for all academic levels and across different disciplines. Therefore, as a student, you need a good understanding of what a research paper entails. This demands good clarity on what a researcher pertains, and what it does not […]