Sports and Education

Sports have been found to play and instrumental role in education.

Besides ensuring that one stays active and healthy, sports are a way for the participants to spend their time more effectively.

Sports have been accredited for positive impacts like nurturing attributes such as:

1. Responsibility

2. Accountability

3. Discipline

Health wise, sports enhances blood flow to the brain, which improves connections between different nerves.

The improved blood flow augments memory and consequently boosts the participant’s memory and creativity.

Participation in games is attributed with proper brain development and improved reading ability.

Accordingly, research on the relationship between sports and education has brought in the need for awareness across different stakeholders.

The need for such aware has consequently increased the incentive to find the most suitable persuasive speech topics on sports.

Just like medical persuasive speech topics, persuasive speech topics on sports are very interesting.

Persuasive Speech on Sports

Over the years, writing persuasive speech on sports has become a common undertaking by students.

Such speeches are a mainstay in sports, both academic and professional fields.

Usually, persuasive speech topics on sports are used to demonstrate the influence of sports on an individual’s learning processes.

Key areas of such influence have been identified as:

1. Physical health

2. Concentration and attention

3. Mental health

4. Preparedness for the future

5. Cognition and brain working

6. Classroom participation and inclusivity

7. Learning process


The influence of sports on these areas forms the basis for persuasive speech topics on sports.

Rightly, sports are important in ensuring that learners get a quality education.

These topics are as explored hereunder.



Persuasive Speech Topics on Sports

Various persuasive speech topics on sports can be derived from different areas as illustrated below.


1. Media

Media is a key area for students to look for persuasive essay topics on sports.

You could come up with topics that seek to persuade the audience on the role the media plays in sports.

Examples of persuasive speech topics on sports may include:

1. Why sports advertising on media outlets has either negative (or positive) impacts on the body image of participants.

2. How the media has advanced the sexist view of women involved in sports.

3. Why media should focus more on college sports.

4. How the media has influenced balance of power between athletes and their clubs.

5. Why media should give more attention to the less popular sports.

6. How media and sports broadcasting has made sports clubs arrive at anti-sports decisions.

7. Why media has a role in raising or cooling tensions and violence during sports events.

8. How media has helped make some sports more popular than others.

9. How media has facilitated airing and addressing problems facing professional athletes.

10. Why social media should be part of athletes’ interaction efforts with fans.


2. Management

Management is another area to look for persuasive speech topics for college students.

Speech topics in this area should focus on different aspects of sports management.

Examples include:

1. Coaches should get more involved in the management of athletes’ health.

2. Effectiveness in sports management goes beyond having been an athlete.

3. It is necessary to include women in the management of male teams as a way of fostering women’s sports.

4. High athletes’ wages impairs the ability of the coach to effectively manage the team.

5. Self-control is one of the most important elements that a professional coach should develop.

6. Performance of a team is more dependent on coaching skills than the individual talents of the athletes.

7. Huge transfer fees for athletes are a hindrance to effective coaching and team management.

8. Compensation of the management staff has a direct impact on the team’s performance.

9. Data analytics are a critical element of team recruitment and management in modern sports.

10. Training in sports management does not always result into a good manager.


3. College Sports

You can also explore for persuasive speech topics on sports in the area of college sports.

Such topics would look at different issues in college sports.

They may include:

1. It is necessary to adopt payment or compensation plans for college athletes.

2. There should be equality in remuneration between male and female college coaches.

3. It should be mandatory for all schools to have in place insurance covers for students participating in sports.

4. Academic learning should be given more priority than sporting in college.

5. Colleges should hire professional coaches like professional clubs for improved performance.

6. There is need to regulate incomes of college coaches to promote fairness and competitiveness.

7. Drug tests for college athletes should be done regularly and thoroughly.

8. College sports teams should have sponsorship programs like professional teams.

9. Colleges need to take affirmative action to encourage and support equal participation in sports for women.

10. Government should work with colleges to support non-competitive sports among students.


4. Health

Health is another key area to look for persuasive speech topics for college students.

In this area, you should aim more for a persuasive speech on why people should participate in sports.

Such topics could include:

1. Athletes are more predisposed to eating disorders associated with strict diet regiments.

2. Sports advertising can be an effective approach towards promoting good feeding habits.

3. Schools should be required to monitor physical exercise levels and healthy activity habits among students.

4. Physical exercise has significant positive mental health implications on participants.

5. Nutrition has a central place in the performance levels of professional athletes.

6. Physical exercise is critical in molding children from younger age into active and productive future adults.

7. Effective road plans should be used to encourage bike riding as an exercise among children.

8. States should monitor and promote exercise levels among populations to combat obesity.

9. Weight has serious implications on the confidence and performance of professional athletes.

10. Local and national planning should be obligated to create more space for children to exercise in.


5. Regulation

You could also look for persuasive speech topics on sports in the area of sports regulation.

Topics in this area would focus on the different rules and guidelines governing various aspects of sports.

They may include:

1. Hunting of animals as a sport should be banned in all countries.

2. Advertising of alcohol and tobacco products during sporting events should be prohibited.

3. Punishment of athletes found doping should be extended to their coaches and coaching teams.

4. Betting on all types of sports should be outlawed.

5. Extreme sporting activities associated with high risks and severe injuries should be prohibited.

6. Countries with poor human rights records should not be allowed to host international sporting activities like Olympics.

7. There should be regulations on ball heading in football for academy or younger players.

8. There should be stricter punishment for violent conduct among athletes.

9. Governments should not be allowed to interfere with the management of sports governing bodies.

10. Extremely violent and destructive fans should be banned from sporting events for life.


6. Discrimination

Discrimination is a good area to look for persuasive speech topics for college students.

Examples of such topics are:

1. Women should be accorded equal sports teams’ management opportunities as men.

2. Racist attacks on sports personalities by fans should be met with severe punishment.

3. To foster sports activities across the nation, it is necessary to develop facilities in largely neglected minority neighborhoods.

4. Homophobic behavior against athletes should be met with more severe punishment.

5. Sexual objectification of women athletes should be tackled to help foster women sports.

6. There should be better recognition for sportswomen to help advance professional women athletes.

7. To foster performance in women, rewards for men and women athletes should be equal.

8. Encouraging women coaches for women teams would reduce sexual assault incidences.

9. It is necessary to accord women’s sports equal media coverage as men’s sports for effective development of women sporting activities.

10. The government should invest more resources in sports facilities for the disabled.


7. Injuries

You can also look for persuasive speech topics on sports in the area of injuries.

Such topics could include:

1. Athletes should be educated about different types of injuries to help in their prevention.

2. Psychological issues like stress and anxiety predispose athletes to injuries.

3. To help maintain optimal mental health among athletes, it is necessary to effectively manage injuries.

4. Over-training and burnout predisposes younger athletes to serious injuries.

5. A psychologically supportive environment impacts positively on injury recovery.

6. Participation of college students in sports should be regulated to help prevent the development of chronic diseases or injury-related complications.

7. Rehabilitation should be a required session in the sports injury recovery process.

8. Injury management should be ranked the highest factor in athletes’ mental health plans.

9. Sports trauma among youth athletes should be treated seriously to avoid incidences of long-term negative outcomes.

10. Colleges should have compensation plans for injuries suffered during sports competitions.

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