Process Analysis Essays

Process analysis essays are primary undertakings in college.

Although sometimes considered challenging, writing a process analysis essay is usually a straightforward task.

But first, you need to understand what a process analysis essay is.

In summary, a process essay can be defined as:

“It is an essay that explains how to do something, how a development occurs, or how something works”.

To explain the process, you should provide the respective steps in a sequential manner.

Writing a process analysis essay also requires you to provide definitions for key terms and concepts, when and where necessary.

You can always refer to process analysis essay examples for details and clarity on what to include.

Note that for process analysis essay assignments, you could either be provided with a specific topic or allowed to explore a wide range of topics for process analysis essays.

In cases where the topic has been provided, you need to understand what is expected of you, in terms of essay direction and topic scope.

On the other hand, when choosing a topic, you should consider the focus of the process analysis essay you want to write about.



Types of Process Analysis Essays

Process analysis essays can be classified into two main categories, including:

1. Informational process analysis essays

2. Directional process analysis essays


For informational process analysis essays, you are supposed to explain how something is done without providing directions on how it should be actually done.

All you supposed to do is to provide information on how a process occurs. For example, you could explain how a cake is made or how water and carbon dioxide turns into sugar and oxygen in plants.

Differently, directional process analysis essays provide guidelines on how to carry out a particular process.

The essay tells you what to do. For instance, process analysis essay examples could direct you on the actions to take when installing a computer software or preparing sushi.

Good approaches on how to write a process analysis essay demands that you decide which category to focus on before you begin the actual writing.



Structure of a Process Analysis Essay

As can be illustrated in different examples of process analysis essays, the structure of a process analysis essay can be slightly different from the usual essay.

The reason behind this difference in structure usually derives from the purpose of the essay.

Process analysis essays typically provide steps on how to carry out processes or how processes occur.

Such steps may require a different way of presentation, may it be numbering or bullet points.

Nonetheless, the process analysis essay should contain all the relevant parts, i.e.

1. Introduction

2. Body

3. Analysis/ Conclusion


1. Introduction

The introduction is where you stipulate the process you intend to analyze.

You should state why the process is important, briefly create a context, and write a hook to capture the reader’s attention.

As observed in process analysis essay examples, the thesis statement should be clearly stated.

Note that the introduction should be very brief.


Example Introduction: Leasing a Car

For people without prior experience, the process of leasing a car can be indistinct and arduous. Finding the right car and dealer may require significant and diligent work, but the actual leasing process is straight and short. Although each dealer is different, there are about ten main steps in the car leasing process. By the time you are through with these steps, the car is in your hands.



2. Body

Skills on how to write an analysis essay demand a good understanding of what to include in the body section.

Accordingly, this is where you include all the instruments, materials, and prerequisites necessary in the process.

You should include all the items required in completing the process as well as secondary tools that would make the process smoother.

As illustrated in process analysis essay examples, it is important to highlight potential risks and challenges likely to arise during the process.

The body should also be brief.


Example Body: Leasing a Car

The process of leasing a car demands numerous resources. These resources particularly pertains to researching for the right car, dealer, as well as hiring the car. First, you will require internet in order to conduct a research on the car that suits your needs, and locate potential dealers. For the research, you can use a computer or even your smartphone. Second, you will need financial resources to facilitate travel to the potential dealers’ outlets for verification and confirmation. Lastly, you will require money to lease the car. When set, you can follow the respective steps to secure the lease of your choice.



3. Analysis

Analysis encompasses the actual process as it occurs or should be carried out.

It should be presented in a sequential order.

Usually, the analysis will be in several paragraphs and it is therefore important to ensure that each of the paragraphs covers a specific part or step of the process.

Transitions should be effectively used with and between paragraphs to ensure that the process is coherent.



Tips on how Write a Process Analysis Essay

You can observe some tips to help write a superior process analysis essay.

From process analysis essay examples gathered, these tips include:


1. Use the Chronological Order

Remember to always use the chronological order.

As illustrated in different examples of process analysis essays, the process should progress in a sequential manner.

Such steps must follow each other serially to ensure that the essay not only makes sense but also that the reader is able to understand the process.

In each step, you should also explain what happens or what should be done in a sequential order.


2. Simplify the Process

It is important to ensure that the process in the process analysis essay is as simple as possible.

Throughout the essay, you have to make sure that the reader is able to understand the path the essay is taking.

It is therefore important to remain as clear and concise as possible.

You can include comments to make it easier for the reader to effortlessly follow the process.


3. Use Appropriate Language

Language is very important when writing a process analysis essay.

Accordingly, you have to ensure a proper use of vocabulary and technical terms.

Vocabulary used should enhance the clarity and depth of the essay. It must help make the process more elaborate and easy to follow.

Remember to keep the language as simple as possible.


4. Use an Appropriate Tone and Point of View

You have to use the right tone and point of view in your process analysis essay.

In this type of essay genres, tone and point of view reflects on your prowess in essay writing.

As illustrated in numerous process analysis essay examples, you should always use a professional tone.

It is vital to note that process analysis essays are not personal essays and should therefore remain professional throughout.

Concerning point of view, you should always use the third person.

You should avoid writing from your own point of view; instead, you should write it from the perspective of the person carrying out the tasks/ actions.



Steps on how to Write a Process Analysis Essays

Steps on how to write a process analysis essay are not much different from those of a conventional essay.

Despite the usually distinctive structure, writing a process analysis essay is defined by such steps as:

1. Selecting a topic

2. Conducting research

3. Generating the thesis statement

4. Creating an outline

5. Writing the essay

6. Proofreading

7. referencing

You can explore these steps in in-depth on the steps to essay writing.

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