Environmental Research Paper

Research papers are common assignments in the field of environmental sciences.

Consequently, skills on how to find viable environmental research paper topics are very essential for respective scholars.

This is easy when you how to do it.

However, finding appropriate topics in some areas is quite challenging.

This is because identifying fitting areas for environmental science research paper topics demands an in-depth understanding and examination of the area you are interested in studying.

It is however difficult to conduct such an examination particularly in areas you are not familiar with and which has scarce research materials.

Note that the availability of research materials plays an important role in determining how broad or narrow (scope) will your research be.

Importantly, to avoid complications during the writing process, you need to be accurate when determining the scope of your environment research paper topic.

Before you start looking for environmental research paper topics, it is important to understand the academic spheres you should seek to explore.

Accordingly, a research paper on environment as an academic requirement will in most cases be within two key academic disciplines, that is:

1. Environmental science and

2. Environmental studies.


Although these two disciplines may in some ways differ in their inclinations, they constitute overlapping research interests.

Their overlapping nature makes it possible to come up with environmental research paper topics relevant to both disciplines.


Areas to Look for Environmental Research Paper Topics

As environment continues to be a major global concern, scholars have different areas to examine.

Just like in the case with educationbusiness, or health research paper topics, you need mental concepts on the areas to explore.

These areas provide ideas suitable for research papers on environmental issues.

Some of such areas may include:


1.  Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a great area to start with when looking for environmental research paper topics.

Climate change has augmented the need to seek alternative sources of energy, away from fossil fuels.

For this reason, renewable energy areas like wind power, hydro energy, solar energy, and biofuels provide feasible areas of study for a research paper on environment.

You could seek to explore the costs that come along with these alternatives. For instance, you could examine the impact of hydro power on marine animals, wind power on birds, and solar energy on flora.


2. Climate Change

Climate change is one of the widest and interesting areas to look for environmental research paper topics.

This is because change in climate has numerous and serious implications on the environment.

Research papers on environmental issues and challenges could focus on specific pieces of problems or multivariate and complex problems.

The area provides numerous opportunities for research, may it be new technologies for studying or managing climate change or global approaches towards climate change mitigation.


3. Urban Ecology

This is another good area to search for environmental research paper topics.

The continuously increasing global population has made people appreciate the importance of a healthy urban environment.

Environmentalists acknowledge the fact that the world is continuously moving towards urbanization, with the trend coming along with profound implications on the environment.

This has led to ideas and concepts relating to the green space within urban areas.

Further, a research paper on environment could focus on issues on pollution in urban areas.


4. Environmental Justice

Environmental justice is also a suitable area for research papers on environmental issues and concerns.

An environment research paper focusing on this area would examine topics related to problems associated with a healthy environment.

It would look at the environmental challenges facing poor and marginalized societies, including lack of clean drinking water, green spaces, clean air, and good soils.

Research in the area would usually adopt the approach of social sciences like sociology and political science on environmental issues.

For instance, it could focus on the impact of environmental issues resulting from mining and lumbering activities on people.


5. Fire Ecology

You could as well choose fire ecology as an area to look for environmental research paper topics.

Exploring this area is in recognition that fires have become a common and serious threat to the environment.

Accordingly, an environment research paper on fire ecology would seek to examine wildfires from the perspective of rising temperatures that are occasioned by environmental changes.

The research paper on environment would therefore look at how wildfires 1) naturally burn, 2) are currently burning, and 3) their future burning patterns.

Topics around this area should examine the role or human beings as well as their adaptability in dealing with wildfires.


6. Arid Lands

Arid lands is another area you could examine for environmental research paper topics.

Although a relatively well covered area, there are emerging issues on arid and range lands to explore.

Research papers on environmental issues and concerns about arid land would recognize the continued desertification amidst increase in human population.

Topics in this area would focus on issues like adaptation to climate change in arid areas, management of desertification, and challenges facing populations in arid areas.


7. Invasive Species

The problem of invasive species is also a good area to explore for viable environmental science research paper topics.

As a research area, you could decide to examine the effects of organisms on new environments.

You could seek to look at how invasive species like killer algae, green crab, invasive carp, zebra mussels, and sea walnut have altered the environment.

For relevant topics, you could endeavor to identify risks or find effective management approaches.


8. Remote Sensing

Remote sensing is another area you could look for research topics in environmental science.

As a relatively new and more advancing area, it provides numerous opportunities for research.

You could explore the utility and developments in either passive or active remote sensing technology, including infrared, film photography, radiometers, charge-coupled devices, RADAR, and LiDAR.

As well, you could examine areas that can be studied using the technology such as the atmosphere to arrive at conclusions about different phenomena.


9. Restoration Ecology

This is another area you could look for environmental research paper topics.

Topics in restoration ecology would examine practices entailed in the renewal and restoration of destroyed, damaged, and degraded habitats and ecosystems.

Research could study different restoration approaches, role of human intervention, impacts of restoration on climate change, and research on restoration.


Examples of Environmental Research Paper Topics

From the above area, it is possible to derived specific environmental research paper topics.

Such topics may include:

1. Solar as an alternative source of eco-friendly energy: An examination of solar equipment waste.

2. Changes in the Gulf Stream and its implications on global climate.

3. The impact of human activity on the fluvial systems’ and groundwater ecological integrity.

4. Long-term issues associated with pesticides use: Is washing vegetables and fruits effective in removing pesticides?

5. The long-term impact of PET bottles on the environment and human life.

6. Conservation of coral reefs as a long-term solution to management of species.

7. The impact of acid rains on biodiversity in the US.

8. Consequences of climate change in increasingly severe and unpredictable weather patterns across the globe.

9. The role of Antarctic on the increasingly unpredictable climate and weather patterns.

10. Scientific policy approaches to the conservation of key and trans-regional forests like the Amazon.

11. The role of large scale industrial production of sectors and industries such as leather and fashion on environmental pollution.

12. Tectonic movements and their impact on ecosystems.

13. The future of fossil fuel-dependent economies and societies: Mitigating against severe implications.

14. The role of prehistoric flora in the preservation of ecosystems in Sub-Saharan Africa.

15. Environmental policies for developing world: A lesson from Scandinavia.

16. New approaches in the management of wildfires in the US designed to cope with the changing climate.

17. Management and prevention of ocean oil spills: New policies for mitigation.

18. The role of deep sea mining on the ocean ecosystems.

19. Economical approaches for management of fog in major cities like Beijing for air quality improvement.

20. Management of landfills: A lesson from Sweden.

21. The role of sustainable management of natural resources in enhancing farming activities.

22. The practicality of hybrid vehicles as a global solution to the harmful emission problem in the world.

23. Adaptation to volcanic activity in the modern society.

24. An examination of the global domestic consumption water availability problem: Can a global solution be found?

25. Facilitating citizens’ participation in recycling initiatives and programs.

26. Survival strategies for human beings in extreme conditions like North Pole.

27. The role of population control in the management of natural resources and mitigation of environmental degradation.

28. The impact of continued destruction of rainforests on the atmosphere.

29. Management of endangered animal species and its impact on the ecosystem.

30. Strategies for the management of natural resources like energy sources.

31. Educational curriculum as an approach towards environmental conservation: What can be studied in school from an early age?

32. The role of endemic wildlife on the ecosystem.

33. The impact of global warming on the lives of wildlife (mammals) for the last 30 years.

34. Man-made disasters (Fukushima) and their impacts on the ecology.

35. The impacts of droughts the soil: The case of Sub-Saharan Africa.

36. Global politics and their impact on environmental conservation.

37. The impacts of uncontrolled animal grazing on pathogenic infection of streams, rivers, and lakes.

38. Vehicle fuel consumption rates between US and Europe and their implications.

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