Seeking to write an argumentative essay? Do you have a topic?

It is clear that finding an appropriate argumentative essay topic can be challenging.

Nonetheless, with the right ideas, you narrow down you area of search and easily match it with your interests.

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Argumentative Essay Assignments

Argumentative essays are some of the most common essay assignments in college.

In most cases, writing such assignments will require you to find an appropriate topic.

Whether it is medical argumentative essay topics or education argumentative essay topics, they must strike the interest of the reader and allow for persuasive writing.

Such topics should aim to generate new opinions among readers, new perspectives about issues, and new appreciation of your abilities in writing.

A Good Argumentative Essay

To help identify good argumentative essay topics, it is important to first understand what a good argumentative essay entails.

Accordingly, such an essay should have some key features that include:

1. Strong Argument

Any good argumentative essay has to have a strong argument.

This is necessary for the essay to be compelling and thereby effectively capture the interest of the reader.

The introduction for an argumentative essay should have a strong argument that clearly states your position on the topic.

It is important to ensure that the argument can be supported with evidence.

To do this, the argument must be well thought out and thoroughly researched.

2. Clear Thesis

A clear thesis is another key feature of a good argumentative essay.

Note that creating a thesis statement is one of the key steps for writing an argumentative essay.

Generally, the thesis represents the focal point of your essay.

Creating this focal point demands that you condense your argument into one sentence.

For an argumentative essay, the thesis statement has to take a particular position on an issue.

It is therefore necessary to clearly state the angle you assume in the essay.

Clarity is important in helping develop evidence and points that support your argument.

3. Should be Well-Researched

As well, a good argumentative essay must be well-researched.

This demands that it should be based on verifiable facts.

Such facts are gathered through research and are critical in making the essay more convincing.

It is therefore important to conduct thorough research before you formulate the thesis statement for your argumentative essay.

This research could involve exploring numerous sources, including libraries, newspapers, scientific journals, government websites, and other online sources.

Sources used must be credible.

Areas to Look for Argumentative Essay Topics

You can explore for argumentative essay topics from a wide variety of areas and fields.

Some common areas to look for such topics may include:

1. Education

2. Environment

3. Governance

4. Health

5. Science

6. Technology

7. Economy

8. Ethics

9. Sports

10. Religion

Good Argumentative Essay Topics

Note that since you intend to generate an argument and take a position on it, it is advisable to formulate your topic in the form of a question.

Examples of good argumentative essay topics include:


1. Is use of technology in classrooms detrimental to learning?

2. Are internet filters at schools too restrictive?

3. Can cell-phones be used as effective educational tools?

4. Is online learning an effective learning method as is face-to-face learning?

5. Should schools use more video games for educational purposes?

6. Are machines a threat to humans?

7. How would learners feel if computers graded their essays?

8. Are recreational drones safe for the public?

9. Will self-driving cars dominate future travel?

10 What will be the role of robots in humans’ future?

Gender Issues

11. Are aspirations among parents different for their female and male children?

12. Does the society put too much pressure on girls’ body image?

13. Are school environments set to accommodate girls more than boys?

14. What measures should be taken to address sexual violence against young women?

15. What are the reasons for fewer women in leadership roles?

16. Why are fewer girls pursuing STEM subjects in college?

17. Should the army allow women to fight alongside men on the front lines?

18. Are equal rights for women and men a reality?

19. Is there a need for new ways of identifying gender and sexuality?

20. Should people be allowed to deny service to same-sex couples on religious grounds?

Social Media

21. Is social media good or bad for your college and career goals?

22. Has technology and social media made us more isolated?

23. Would you ever consider leaving a social media platform forever?

24. Has social media contributed to an increase in narcissistic behavior among individuals?

25. Should employers use expressions made on Facebook as a ground for firing employees?

26. Should individuals be allowed to hide their identities on their online accounts?

27. Has the online shaming culture gotten out of control?

28. Do people spend too much time playing “valueless” games on their smartphones?

29. What social media texts would you consider too many?

30. Do how people write on social media relevant to how they formally communicate?


31. Are current TV programs representative of American diversity?

32. Is reality TV responsible for cultivating dangerous stereotypes?

33. Do TV shows on pregnant teenagers discourage or promote teenage pregnancy?

34. Are television shows dominated by white people?

35. What show finale should be considered good for TV programs?

36. Is live theatre more fulfilling than TV and movies?

37. Do the current Hollywood film industry have any form of shortcomings?

38. What elements make a commercial good?

39. Are violent video shows and games likely to make people more violent in real life?

40. Should gaming stores be allowed to sell violent games to minors?


41. Should coaches be regulated more on how they handle their players?

42. Should football be banned in high schools due to the high number of resulting injuries?

43. Is baseball losing its prestige as a sport?

44. Should sports teams take more responsibility in controlling the personal conduct of players?

45. Should athletes found guilty of doping lose their medals and titles?

46. Should colleges pay their football players?

47. Should sports teams use Native American names and mascots?

48. Are expectations from fans putting too much pressure on professional athletes?

49. Should betting in sports be regulated?

50. Should participation in sports with high injury rates be capped to a certain age?


51. How much content can an artist borrow from other works before it is considered stealing?

52. What artists or bands will in future be inducted into the hall of fame?

53. What can be predicted about music industry’s future?

54. Which current music bands will stand the test of time?

55. Is musical training a way to ensure success in music?

56. Who is the most underrated or overlooked actor in recent theatre history?

57. Is reading a book better than listening to an audio one?

58. Which writer do you think should receive an award for good but unrecognized work?

59. Are libraries still relevant in this era of e-books and online materials?

60. Is graffiti really art?


61. What makes someone a good teacher?

62. Does homework help students learn?

63. Should schools hire teachers that are more racially diverse?

64. Does class size influence learning?

65. Are learners assigned too much homework?

66. Does physical exercise improve student performance in all their classes?

67. Are better teaching methods for maths a necessity?

68. Should kindergarten focus more on literacy or play?

69. Is grouping students based on their learning abilities a good idea?

70. Do schools effectively nurture creativity among students?


71. How much freedom should children be allowed to have by their parents?

72. To what extent should discipline be considered child abuse?

73. How should children be disciplined by their parents?

74. Should parents require children to clean their own rooms?

75. What age is appropriate for parents to stop supervising children when playing games?

76. Should children be allowed to choose their own clothes?

77. Are parent demands on children to succeed hurting them?

78. When should Halloween costume be considered extreme?

79. At what age should children be allowed to own an iPhone?

80. Should parents monitor time children spend on tech and internet?

Health and Nutrition

81. Is it necessary to require students to take drug tests?

82. Do teenagers still have a smoking problem?

83. Should universities put measures to limit student drinking?

84. Should tobacco purchasing legal age be increased?

85. Are teenagers experiencing drinking and driving problem?

86. Should teenagers be prohibited from smoking e-cigarettes?

87. Should growing and using marijuana be legalized in all states?

88. How should schools deal with students who refuse to be vaccinated?

89. Can all schools manage to provide a healthier lunch to all students?

90. Should patients will terminal illness be allowed to choose euthanasia?

College and Career

91. Is affirmative action in college admission a good idea?

92. How important is college education?

93. What criteria is appropriate in awarding college scholarships to students?

94. Is where you attend college important?

95. Should grades and SAT scores be the primary criteria for admission to college?

96. Are college rankings really important?

97. Do college fraternities foster misogyny?

98. Would you prefer to work from home or in the office?

99. Is wealth or happiness more important to you when choosing a career?

100. Is mismatch between your values and those of the employer a reason for quitting?

Animals and Science

101. Should zoos be allowed to keep gorillas?

102. Is genetic engineering in animals ethical?

103. Should killing animals for sport be allowed?

104. Should legal protections for animals be increased?

105. In what cases should animal testing be allowed?

106. Should mistreatment of animals attract a jail term?

107. What should world leaders do to combat climate change?

108. Should animals that provide emotional support be allowed in colleges?

109. Should circuses be allowed to have and use animals?

110. How concerned should people be about climate change?

111. Can arming students help curb incidences of sexual assaults in colleges?

112. What purpose should prisons serve?

113. Would allowing armed guards to patrol schools make students feel safe?

114. Should people be allowed to carry unconcealed handguns?

115. What should be done to prevent mass shootings in the future?

116. Are there cases where juvenile offenders should be handed life sentences?

117. Should prostitution be legalized?

118. Should the voting rights of felons be given back after serving their sentences?

119. Should prisons have a regular education program for inmates?

120. Do laws work differently for rich people?


121. Should voting among eligible population be made mandatory?

122. How should a good governor spend a budget surplus?

123. How much do you believe in American democracy?

124. Should there be a law requiring the rich to pay more taxes?

125. When should there be justification for the use of military force?

126. Is payment of ransom by countries to terrorists in order to release hostages justified?

127. Can spying of non-friendly countries be justified?

128. Is national security more or less important than individual privacy?

129. Are there circumstances where countries should negotiate with their enemy countries?

130. What responsibility do countries have in addressing refugee crisis?

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