Overview of Political Science Research 

Now that you know how to write a political science research paper, it is time to find appropriate political science research paper topics.

Notably, political science research topics are very interesting in nature. This is because the discipline is primarily concerned with the distribution of resources within the society.

Per se, the importance of political science is highlighted in its role in governance.

In academics, it looks at the influence of politics and government on the people, their communities, and corporations.  Note that politics shape local, national, and international decisions and policies.

Exploring political science research topics should keep in mind the purpose of the research paper. Such a purpose is well articulated using a research question.

In this, the research question defines the scope of the respective political science research paper topics to be covered and the expected answers/results.

Accordingly, research questions in the political science discipline could either be hypothetical or factual.

1. Hypothetical questions: These are also referred to as theoretical questions. Such questions look at probabilities. They seek to answer questions such as “what might be” and “what if”.

2. Factual questions: Also known as procedural questions, these examine facts of the world. They examine how the world works and how the world is.


Markedly, good political science research topics should be framed on either of the above questions. The questions define the scope of political science research.

This scope is generally wide and sometimes blurry.

As such, finding a topic encompasses one the most basic steps for writing a research paper. This step demands a good understanding of the scope of political science.

The scope could be divided into

1) Public administration,

2) Political theory,

3) International relations,

4) Comparative politics, and

5) Public law.

Also, note that the discipline could also be divided into different political science subjects.

Considering all the above, some viable political science research topics are as listed below.


A List of Potential Political Science Research Paper Topics

Note that these topics are listed under specific political science subjects highlighted above.


Public Administration

Public administration highlights the importance of political science in human society. This makes it one of the key political science subjects to explore for research.

Principally, public administration as an academic discipline looks at government policy implementation. Viable topics in this area include:

1. The impact of employment procedures on government parastatals.

2. Housing policies in the US and their role in homelessness.

3. The role of management in the development of consumer cooperatives.

4. The role of youth organizations in enhancing community development in Sub-Saharan Africa.

5. Importance of good leadership in the realization of organizational goals among government agencies.

6. The role of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in organizational performance.

7. The effectiveness of government in the management of racial protests in the US.

8. The economic impact of privatization of government parastatals in South East Asia.

9. The impact of property tax systems in different states on private property ownership.

10. Public relation practices in states with predominant black communities in the US.


International Relations

This is another area you could look for political science research paper topics. This subject area studies the dynamics of a global issues that go beyond national boundaries.

Research topics under this branch focus on different issues traversing economics, environment, global poverty, globalization, human rights, global ethics, security, and political environment.

Appropriate topics include:

1. Impact of terrorism on the relationship between Turkey and Syria.

2. The role of nuclear weapons in the relationship between India and Pakistan.

3. The role France as a colonial power in escalating violence and civil wars in former African colonies.

4. The impact of World War II on the relationship between Britain and France.

5. The performance of the World Bank in poverty reduction in South East Asia.

6. The role of US in mitigating Chines aggression against Taiwan.

7. The role of the UN in combating global warming.

8. Effectiveness of US sanctions in mitigating Russian aggression against Ukraine.

9. Erosion of state sovereignty amidst evolution of international law.

10. The role of effective regime change in economic development in Africa.


Comparative Politics

Comparative politics entail a comparative study of different countries, political units, and citizens.

As the name of political science subject suggests, appropriate topics should seek to compare phenomenon among different entities.

Examples of good topics include:

1. A study of the Japan’s and China’s foreign policy.

2. A comparative study of US presidential democracy and New Zealand’s parliamentary democracy.

3. Approaches of UN’s conflict resolution in Ukraine and Syria.

4. Role of the public in governance in the Netherlands and the US.

5. Similarities between Chinese government socialism and Cuban government socialism.

6. Soviet Union ideology compared to American ideology during the cold war era.

7. Ideological similarities between US Democratic Party and UK’s Labor Party.

8. US approaches towards Syrian war versus Iraqi war.

9. Differences and similarities in racial segregation in Apartheid South Africa and 1960s US.

10. Human capital development levels between China and Taiwan.


Public Law

This is another branch that effectively highlights the importance of political science in human society. It encompasses a study of law and respective legal institutions from a political science perspective.

Political science subjects under this branch look at legal institutions, citizens’ behavior, legal decision-makers’ conduct, constitutional doctrines, legal doctrines, and culture.

Per se, viable political science research paper topics under this branch include:

1. The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on conventional legal practice.

2. The maltreatment of minority groups by the US legal system.

3. Interpretations of law by the public justice system among different races in the US.

4. Partial application of indictment law among senior politicians.

5. The effectiveness of current legal systems in formulation of public laws.

6. Why the Federal Government is absolved from abuse of legal rights where it comes to spying against its citizens.

7. Partial application of law against police personnel prosecuted for committing crime.

8. The ramifications of president’s power in pardoning criminals.

9. Biases against men in family law courts.

10. The unfairness of current tax law against the poor.


Political Theory

Political theory examines the features of an ideal world and how it can be created. Some of the subjects under this branch involve individuality, equality, freedom, democracy, and justice.

Markedly, it is a key area to explore political science research paper topics. Key topics include:

1. Weaknesses of Aristotle’s view of government in the modern society.

2. Application of anarchism in modern Middle East.

3. Application of John Austin’s theory in country’s with high happiness index.

4. Challenges to citizens’ freedoms by the state.

5. The place of Jean Bodin sovereignty views in the modern society.

6. Challenges to democracy among politically unstable African countries.

7. Application of Foucault’s disciplinary power in Arab countries.

8. Interpretation of communism from Vladimir Lenin’s approach.

9. Theoretical approach towards human liberties.

10. Application of Edmund Burke theories in contemporary society.

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