Need to Consult?

When it comes to writing, doubt can be a serious problem.

Is my work good enough? How does it compare to that of others?

These are common questions.

Even the most prolific writers struggle with negative feelings.

At the least, we all need an opinion from someone with insights in the area.

So, where do you get one?

A Reliable Paper Writing Service?

What constitutes a reliable paper writing service?

What service elements do you value most? Or which criteria do you use to choose?

Surveys indicate that choices on the paper writing service to consult with are largely influenced by four key factors, which include:

  1. Price
  2. Quality
  3. Ease of Use
  4. Customer Support

It is apparent that different individuals prioritize some elements over others.

With this in mind, this report seeks to apply different metrics to compare some of the main industry players.

It evaluates,, and – arguably some of the most prominent and dynamic essay writing services in the market. vs. vs. vs vs

Comparison between,, and


Pricing is one of the most important factors when securing essay writing help.

What does available data indicate?

When comparing the three services, edges out both and

Pricing at starts at $11.95.

For, pricing is difficult to determine. The service does not clearly stipulate its prices. Instead, different sources (service’s website pages) provide different prices.

There are numerous starting prices ($15, $11.7, $11.4, etc.), which mars information on pricing.

On the other hand, pricing at is slightly higher than at

The firm’s pricing starts at $15.

Accordingly, edges out the two rivals when it comes to pricing.  

Service Quality

Service quality is another important consideration.

How do the 3 competing firms compare?

All 3 appear to rank equally on quality.

With an average rating of 9.8 out of 10, it is clear that all the three essay writing services are able to consistently produce quality work.

Nonetheless, based on customer reviews, it can be argued that both and have an advantage over

Since the two firms have been existence for a slightly longer period, they have had more customers, and consequently more reviews.

Their reviews are therefore based on wider pool of customers.

The difference is however negligible.

Ease of Use

Surveys show that ease of use is an equally important factor.

How easy is it to secure a service? How efficient is it to place an order?

Few barriers make accessibility of online writing services difficult.

One such barrier entails the requirement to sign up or log in. performs better than and on this metric. It does not require a client to sign up to access services.

A customer can easily secure services without going through the cumbersome sign up or log in process.

Differently, the other two competing services require you to sign up first and log in every other time you want to access essay writing services.

For some clients, this is an unnecessary inconvenience.  

Customer Support

Lastly, customer support also affects how clients rate a service.

In the AI era, finding effective support is becoming a major challenge.,, and are not immune to these challenges.

Although chatbots do an amazing job, they have their own limitations. The inability to provide conclusive or complex answers and lack of human intuition are some of the problems that come along with the bots.

Between the three services, only does not rely on chatbots.

Instead, it is human agents that respond to client queries.

The human experience makes support more engaging and effective.

Service Overview

Before you decide to work with a paper writing service, it is essential to ensure that it offers what you need.

For,, and, you can compare their respective pros and cons to determine which is better.

Overview of each paper writing service is explained below: is an established paper writing service.

Formed in 2008 and registered in 2011, the essay writing service has been in the industry for more than 10 years.

Its considerably long history reflects experience in the industry.

The service has a clear mission and vision, which are all aligned to the essay writing help.

It also offers a wide array of consulting services- ranging from college admission letters, resumes, personal statements, essays, research papers, reports, case studies, dissertations, capstone projects, etc.

As well, covers different fields and disciplines.

Its website is clear and easy to navigate.

Pros and Cons

The benefits and limitations of using are quite obvious.

To test the accuracy of service reviews, 2 orders were placed by independent agents- a 2-page essay and 5-page research paper with 12 hours and 2 days deadlines, respectively.

Both orders met the set requirements and were delivered within deadline.

Instructions were followed, including formatting style guidelines.

Pros and cons of the service included:


  • Overall good pricing for urgent and less urgent orders
  • Good quality work
  • Ease of use (no sign in or log in required) – works in a smooth and simple manner.
  • Well-structured website that is easy to navigate
  • Good live support (reliance on human agents)


  • Slightly slow-loading website
  • Less elaborate website
  • Relatively higher prices for low level orders is another prominent essay writing service.

It is considered a pioneer in the industry, and it is arguably slightly popular than

Observations shows numerous changes on the firm’s website, which makes it a little difficult to pinpoint its mission and vision.

Perhaps this point to its confidence in its commanding position in the market.

The service also has more than 15 years in the industry, which indicates extensive experience.

It services as well cover wide range of areas and disciplines.

However, its services are not well illustrated as those of

The website is well built albeit being a little cluttered and outdated.  

Pros and Cons

To test the accuracy of the service reviews, two orders were placed- one a 2-page with a 12 hours deadline and the second one a 5-page with 2 days deadline.

Both orders were delivered on time and were of satisfactory quality.

Order instructions were followed and formatting was done the right way.

Based on service experience, the following pros and cons were observed.


  • Ability to balance quality with pricing
  • Coverage of a wide array of areas
  • Option to closely follow the order process
  • Good rates for orders with a longer deadline
  • Numerous discounts


  • Difficulty in accessing the service due to sign in and log in requirements
  • Not possible to clearly determine prices based on available information
  • Numerous discounts that could be redundant
  • Cluttered website that can be difficult to navigate
  • Poor live support (reliance on a chatbot) is another essay writing service that rivals both and

The essay writing service is also one of the oldest in the business. It came to the market at around the same time as the other two competitors.

As a firm however, it does not expressly stipulate its mission and vision.

This is probably because of its confidence in the market having been around for a long time.

It as well covers a wide array of services, fields, and disciplines.

The firm’s website looks a little better than that of, but less clearer than that of

Pros and Cons

Determining how correct service reviews were, 2 orders were also placed. One of the orders entailed a 2-page essay with a 12 hours deadline and the second one a 5-page research paper with a 2 days deadline.

The two orders were delivered within deadline and they were of relatively good quality.

Requirements, including adherence to instructions and formatting were met.

Based on order quality and service experience, the following were pros and cons.


  • Relatively good quality given the prices
  • Services covering different fields and disciplines
  • A detailed landing page
  • Considerably good prices for orders with short deadlines
  • A structured website that is easy to navigate


  • Pricier than comparative services
  • Difficult to access service due to sign in and log in requirements
  • A clustered website particularly the home page
  • Poor live support (reliance on a chatbot)


Based on customer reviews, data extracted from respective websites, and surveys conducted, it is evident that each essay writing service has its pros and cons.

It is important to note that there only minor differences between these three firms.

Nonetheless, these differences could have major implications on the kind of service you get.

It is clear that the services tie when it comes to quality. Results indicate that customers from all the firms had the same level of satisfaction.

Differences between prices are also marginal- about $1 on average.

Nonetheless, subtle differences in areas such as ease of service use and customer support, make a better service than both and

All factors considered, it is advisable to consult with ProfessionalWritingBay.


This article is written by a technical expert that ProfessionalWritingBay has previously consulted with. We work with different marketing and technical experts and try to clearly highlight arising biases.

The key disclaimer here is that you should personally evaluate everything particularly written by our current and past consultants.

We hope that the article’s contents are useful, but kindly use your own judgment.

One potential bias emanates from the fact that the expert has previously been hired to work on our marketing projects.

Although we believe in and trust the expert’s objectivity, there is likelihood that opinions could be a little more favorable.

Note that the expert has also worked with our competing firms.

We would also like to observe that it was not possible to obtain all competitors’ data necessary for a comprehensive report.

We encourage you to view this article as a starting point.

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