Good argumentative essay topics

Good argumentative essay topics

Argumentative essays are some of the most common essay assignments in college.
In most cases, writing such assignments will require you to find an appropriate topic.
Whether it is medical argumentative essay topics or education argumentative essay topics, they must strike the interest of the reader and allow for persuasive writing.
Such topics should aim to generate new opinions among readers, new perspectives about issues, and new appreciation of your abilities in writing.

How to write a dissertation abstract

How to write a dissertation abstract

Time to Write a Dissertation Abstract? Crafting an abstract is usually the last step in the dissertation paper writing process. Above the undergraduate level, writing a dissertation abstract is considered an essential skill. Whether it is a business dissertation, medical dissertation, or an economics dissertation, the abstract must be fit for purpose. Nonetheless, writing a good abstract could […]

Topics for social work research

Nature of Social Work Research Social work research examines societal issues with the aim of benefiting consumers, educators, practitioners, policymakers, and the general public. Such research may study a wide range of areas, including substance abuse, healthcare, child welfare, family issues, community violence, aging, well-being and resiliency, and underserved populations. The characteristic feature of this […]

Essay thesis statement

Overview of a Thesis Statement Convincing the reader that you have an interesting and logical point of view on a subject demands a strong thesis statement. Course assignments will often require you to persuade a reader on a subject matter. In this, you a have to present an academic argument, which should follow a predictable […]

Social work research questions

Overview of Research Questions In social work, searching for empirical evidence starts with the formulation of a research question or hypothesis. The nature of the research questions influence numerous features of the study being conducted, including: 1. Study approach 2. Research design 3. Measurement 4. Selection of participants 5. Data collection methods 6. Data analysis […]

Good informative essay topics

Informative Writing Informative writing is quite common in our lives. Such writing may include a set of instructions, grocery list, web article, academic journal, text book, and encyclopedia. So, what is informative writing? In short, informative writing can be defined as: “Writing intended to provide particular information.” From the definition, it can be said that […]

Research paper abstract examples

Overview of an Abstract Abstracts are a key part of scholarly and professional writing. Whether you are writing a research paper,  research proposal, project proposal, thesis, dissertation, or capstone project, you will be required to include an abstract. However, most writers find writing an abstract an arduous or inconsequential task, and therefore end up making numerous mistakes. It nonetheless necessary to […]