How to Write a Thesis Paper

A Thesis Paper A thesis paper entails a form of a research paper advancing a particular case using facts to prove a point. The main difference between a thesis paper and research paper is that while a research paper is generally a facts finding mission, the thesis paper has to explicitly advance a certain point […]

How to Write a Thesis Statement

Thesis statement encompasses one or two sentences explaining the focus of a certain written work. The thesis statement is essential in defining the scope of your work. It usually appears at the beginning of your work and offers a guideline on how to proceed with your work. Writing thesis statements sometimes presents serious challenges for […]

How to Write a Case Study

Understanding a Case Study Case studies are common academic undertakings for scholars. A case study entails a detailed account of an event, activity, or a problem encompassed in a hypothetical or real situation revolving around complexities found in the workplace. Case studies demand the application of acquired knowledge in finding solutions to the particular complexities. […]

Writing a Narrative/Descriptive Essay

Narrative and descriptive essays share common characteristics that make them often grouped in the same category. The key characteristic among these two categories is their purpose. Generally, the purpose of narrative and descriptive essays is to tell a story. This demands a creative and critical approach to the essay writing process. They both focus on […]