Writing a Research Hypothesis

Why you Need a Good Research Hypothesis Hypothesis encompasses a tentative guesses that predicts the relationship among distinctive variables. Generally, hypotheses can be categorized as either null hypothesis or alternative hypothesis. The null hypothesis entails a put-forward theory that the researcher seeks to use in advancing a particular line of argument or believes to be […]

Writing Different Dissertation Chapters

Dissertation Chapters Overview What distinguishes a dissertation paper from a contemporary essay is its approach to a topic; which is defined by respective dissertation chapters. All the chapters should follow each other in a sequence, with every previous chapter laying a foundation for the next one. Harmony within and among the chapters is key in […]

Data Analysis in Research/Dissertation Papers

The Purpose of Data Analysis Data analysis forms an integral section of a research/dissertation paper. It encompasses a process aimed at generating answers to respective research questions by examining and interpreting data. In this, data analysis is important for numerous reasons as explained below: a) It is essential in generating insights on pertinent issues raised in […]