Informative Writing

Informative writing is quite common in our lives.

Such writing may include a set of instructions, grocery list, web article, academic journal, text book, and encyclopedia.

So, what is informative writing?

In short, informative writing can be defined as:

“Writing intended to provide particular information.”

From the definition, it can be said that the objective of informative writing is to relay essential information in a clear and accurate manner.

Note that such writing could either be informal/ personal or formal.

In both, relaying information should be done in a way that keeps the reader interested and engaged.

To support your ideas and claims in such writing, you should use:

1. Facts

2. Examples

3. Statistics

4. Personal experiences

5. Details

6. Anecdotes, and

7. Assumptions/ beliefs


Informative Essay

In college, you will most likely be required to write either an informative speech or an informative essay.

Now that you know what informative writing is, it is necessary to understand what an informative essay entails.

In simple terms, an informative essay is:

“An essay that provides particular information about something.”

Therefore, just like in the case of informative speech topics funny ideas, good informative essay topics should focus on providing specific information.

Accordingly, writing an informative essay is a straightforward process.

All you will have to do is to follow the respective steps to essay writing.


How to Find Good Informative Essay Topics

The process of finding informative essay topics for college encompasses 3 key steps:

1. Brainstorming

2. Researching

3. Forming a claim


1. Brainstorming

This step involves examining potential areas which you can derive topics from.

When doing this, it is essential to avoid areas where you have strong opinions in, whether it is politics, religion, or your hobbies.

Instead, look for new and interesting ideas or topic areas that will keep you engaged throughout the writing process.


2. Researching

After finding potential topic areas, you should go ahead and conduct preliminary research.

When researching, identify the specific opinions you develop on each potential topic.

As well, consider which arguments are stronger, have more credible evidence, and are easier to write about.


3. Forming a Claim

Based on gathered research and the side of the argument you have chosen, you should develop an overall claim by creating a “topic question”.

The topic question defines the thesis of the essay, which in turn acts as the essay’s roadmap.

These questions should help you come up with different angles the topic could be approached from.

Good Informative Essay Topics

Some of the common good informative essay topics you could explore include:

1. Social and health benefits of a vegetarian diet.

2. The relationship between global warming and rising sea levels.

3. History of the construction of the Panama Canal.

4. Recent developments in the video game tech.

5. How drug cartels in Columbia evolved to amass power and control.

6. Approaches for avoiding and managing stress in college.

7. Reasons why Germany is regarded as the home of automotive engineering.

8. How different personalities affect interpersonal relationships.

9. History of development of currency as a measure of value.

10. Reasons why the world is unable to successfully curb abject poverty.

11. Why the Dutch are considered experts in the management of land and sea.

12. The most successful woman leader in history.

13. State of the cycling culture in the Netherlands.

14. How domestic violence creates vicious circle of dysfunctional society members.

15. Italian influence on the world of art and painting.

16. Factors that make a YouTube video more appealing to the viewers.

17. Why it is easier to learn a foreign language as a child.

18. Different eating disorders and their impacts on teenagers.

19. Key safety measures to take when working in a mechanical workshop.

20. The radical evolution of the place of woman in the society over the last 50 years.

21. Major challenges affecting online stocks trading.

22. The process of producing silk garments from silk worms.

23. Best ways to address procrastination among college students.

24. How to install applications in your smartphone.

25. Key elements to include in your sci-fi work.

26. Health guidelines designed to prevent transmission of the COVI-19 virus.

27. How systemic racism continues to permeate different aspects of life in the US.

28. Important tips for writing a good college essay.

29. The best holiday destinations for you and your pet.

30. How to make a rocking chair using recycled wood pallets.

31. The alarmingly high prevalence rates of homeless in the US.

32. How to choose your first motorbike.

33. Educational Netflix series that are suitable for 7-year olds.

34. Key events that marked victory of the Unionists in the American Civil War.

35. Ways to enhance cyber security when using personal computers at home.

36. Demystifying common myths around barn owls.

37. Benefits of vocational training to the larger society.

38. How the Beatles changed societal perception about music as a performance art.

39. Effects of video games on violence among teenagers.

40. Things to do and not to do during your vacation in Dubai.

41. Different ways of making money as an online freelancer.

42. How reality TV shows impact the perceptions of self among teenagers.

43. The science behind jet engines.

44. Tips on how to ensure that your Tik-Tok video goes viral.

45. Long-term impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on global supply chains.

46. How Abraham Lincoln became one of the most revered US presidents.

47. The amazing capabilities of the new James Web telescope.

48. How plants use carbon dioxide and light to produce energy.

49. Increasing demand for organic foods in the US.

50. Features that make a racing drone exceptional.

51. Ingredients that make Napolitano pizza unique.

52. Reasons why communism failed in the Soviet Union.

53. Personal methods of dealing with bullies in school.

54. Why it is necessary for the US government to legalize marijuana.

55. Impacts of fast food on an individual’s health and productivity.

56. How to open your own company in the US.

57. Things to include in your college scholarship application letter.

58. The impact of global warming on the Swiss Alps.

59. Best pets for people with health complications.

60. The relationship between the US Federal Government and States.

61. Best ingredients for cooking pasta the Italian way.

62. How the discovery of crude oil has changed industrialization.

63. Importance of smartphones in the academic life of college students.

64. How poor disposal of plastic waste is killing the oceans.

65. Reasons why school uniforms are still a requirement in some high schools.

66. Why social media has been the major tool in making the world a one global community.

67. How your mood affects your health.

68. Why coaches are important in the performance of athletes.

69. How overweight affects the life of children.

70. Impacts of personal image on relationships among teenagers.

71. Relationship between global warming and unpredictable weather patterns.

72. Methods for enhancing effective learning in school.

73. Laws that govern ownership of guns in the US.

74. Best levels of school workload for college students.

75. How music improves productivity levels of an individual.

76. Role of personal organization in improving academic performance.

77. Relationship between the amounts of time on TV and academic performance.

78. Importance of reviewing the works of other people when conducting original research.

79. How frosted foods could affect your health in the long-term.

80. How video games can negatively affect your academic performance.

81. How video games can improve your cognitive capabilities.

82. Key survival skills to learn before you go camping.

83. Different opportunities to take advantage of for students with limited academic resources.

84. Approaches of dealing with insomnia.

85. Social and health disadvantages of smoking.

86. Ways of nurturing leadership among high school students.

87. Why it is necessary to learn financial management in high school.

88. Approaches you can use to help drop bad habits.

89. Reasons why it is important to preserve our water systems.

90. Key practices to make your kitchen garden thrive.

91. Things to keep in mind when preparing for your first trip to a foreign country.

92. How to bake a chocolate cake.

93. Key values to cultivate for healthy relationships in college.

94. Important elements in shooting a clear Instagram video.

95. Personal traits necessary when caring for the vulnerable.

96. How lifestyles could lead to financial problems among the middle class.

97. Why it is important to teach diversity in US high schools.

98. Methods for removing food stains on white garments.

99. Approaches to encourage female students to pursue STEM subjects.

100. Ways for managers to resolve workplace conflicts between employees.

101. Methods for supporting students with learning difficulties.

102. Best free online tools for editing photos.

103. How social media negatively influences individual perceptions of personal image.

104. Approaches towards the management of workplace burnout.

105. How teamwork enhances an individual’s academic performance.

106. The science behind electrical vehicles’ car batteries.

107. The history of the civil rights movement in the US.

108. Common lifestyle diseases associated with low exercise levels.

109. How lessons from Native Americans can help in environmental preservation.

110. Basics to observe when training your dog.

111. Approaches towards enhancement of gender equality in the American society.

112. Ways to integrate the millennial generation into the modern work environment.

113. How to manage you college debt.

114. Methods to combat global food crisis.

115. Planning for an internship during college.

116. How to make clear ice cubes using home equipment.

117. The role of community programs in addressing mental health problems in teenagers.

118. How to stop overdependence on fossil fuel.

119. Things to do to balance college sports with academic pursuits.

120. Ways that technology enables small business to thrive in a competitive market.

121. The role of community colleges in the modern US society.

122. How to integrate your hobbies with your academic pursuits.

123. Ways to enjoy your student exchange program.

124. The evolution of popular music culture in the US.

125. How to publish your research work in college journals.

126. Developments that make modern Olympic Games more competitive.

127. Importance of volunteering in community programs while in college.

128. How child abuse is likely to reflect in teenagers.

129. Methods for handling disagreements with your colleagues.

130. Different ways of increasing traffic to your blog.

131. Why it is necessary to learn a foreign language when in college.

132. How to create a fitting career path as early as your high school days.

133. Ways to balance your studies and travel when in college.

134. Challenges resulting from early pregnancies.

135. Navigating through romantic relationships when in college.

136. Ways for parents to ensure that they are actively engaged in their children’s lives.

137. Important survival skills when lost in the jungle.

138. How probation affects offender tendencies among teenagers.

139. Uncommon facts about the Mayan civilization.

140. The election process in the US.

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