Writing a 5 page paper?

What structure should your 5 page paper assume?

What is the proper outline of a 5 page paper?

Academic papers usually vary in areas such as genre and their level of comprehensiveness.

For this reason, you need to understand the different genres since they define texts used, how the texts should be used, and how the texts should be structured.

A 5 Page Paper

A 5 page paper is a common assignment in learning institutions.

Writing it however requires and understanding of key writing knowledge and skills.

This understanding determines how comprehensive the 5 page paper will be.

The level of comprehensiveness encompasses the length and details of the academic paper’s content.

You have to be cognizant of the amount of details required.

Note that the difference in details can be manifested in the length of the academic paper.

For instance, details in a 500 words essay, 5 page paper, and a 10 page research paper would vary widely even though they may be on a similar topic area.

How long should it take to Write a 5 Page Paper?

Time management is key when writing a 5 page paper.

It is apparent that you need adequate time to write a quality academic paper.

This bring us to the question, “how long should it take to write a 5 page paper?”

Well, time required depends on the nature of the academic paper.

Note that a 5 page paper may assume different genres, including:

1. Essays,

2. Research papers,

3. Reports, etc.

These genres usually require different amounts of time to execute.

For instance, research papers and reports may require more time to write compared to essays since they demand more extensive evidence and consequently more researching time.

So answers to the question on how much time it should take to write a 5 page paper are likely to vary depending on the requirements of the specific academic paper.

Time required to write a 5 page essay may not necessarily the same for a 5 page research paper or report.

Considering all the above factors, writing a 5 page paper could require between 10 and 48 hours.

It is therefore critical to plan your time wisely.

Note that despite the difference it time, the outline of a 5 page paper is fairly standard.

Basic Outline of a 5 Page Paper

The outline of a 5 page paper assumes the basic format for common academic papers.

Such an outline does not pay much attention to the length of the academic paper but rather considers the respective parts of the paper.

These parts include:

1. Introduction

2. Body

3. Conclusion

Accordingly, the basic outline of a 5 page paper should be as illustrated below.


The introduction of an outline of a 5 page paper should constitute key elements, including:

1. An attention grabber

2. An overview of the entailed issues

3. Definition of key terminologies

4. Statement on the controversial nature of the subject (for argumentative papers)

5. Topic’s background information

6. An antithesis (for argumentative papers)

Note that the introduction should also have a thesis statement as its last sentence(s).

The thesis statement should/ could:

1. Stipulate the paper’s overall focus

2. Briefly highlight the paper’s main points


In the outline of a 5 page paper, the body should do the following:

1. Present the points of the academic paper in line with the theses in a clear manner.

2. Provide details, examples, and explanations supporting the points.

3. Provide evidence from sources (for research papers), including summaries, paraphrases, quotations, etc.

4. Address counter arguments (for argumentative papers).


This is the last part in an outline of a 5 page paper.

It should:

1. Restate the thesis statement in the introductory part.

2. Provide a brief summary of all points in the body part.

3. Provide a statement on consequences of failing to embrace the positions (for argumentative papers).

4. Finish with a strong clincher statement.

How to Create an Outline of a 5 Page Paper

It is advisable that you employ a standard approach when outlining your 5 page paper.

The most effective way of creating an outline of a 5 page paper therefore involves outlining each of the academic paper’s paragraphs.

Such outlining entail:

1. Developing a topic sentence for each paragraph

2. Identifying the purpose of each paragraph

3. Identifying repetitive ideas among the paragraphs

4. Determining paragraphs that may require combining or splitting

The above approach in outlining of an academic paper is very effective. This is because the topic sentence and purpose of each paragraph helps ensure that you remain on course and to the point.

Accordingly, the approach can be used to identify strengths and weaknesses of the academic paper.

Example of an Outline of a 5 Page Paper

Below is a 5 page paper example on the link between teenage pregnancy and health.

I. Introduction

1. Problem: Teenage pregnancy rates remain consistently high while healthcare costs keep on rising.

2. Focus: Teenage mothers

3. Key terms: Teenage pregnancy, teenage mothers

Thesis statementBecause of the parental responsibility (provide sources) and susceptibility to depression (provide sources), teenage mothers suffer a higher risk for mental health problems.

II. Background

1. Historical overview of teenage pregnancy: Teenage mothers in the past did not experience extreme pressure from society (provide citation).

2. Historical overview of teenage mothers’ health: In the past teenage mothers accessed adequate social, financial, and health support (citation).

3. Current link between teenage health and teenage pregnancy: Nowadays, teenage mothers face more social, financial, and psychological pressure when raising their children (citations).

4. Research gap: There is limited information on the health implications of the current societal conditions among teenage mothers.

III. Point 1: Teenage pregnancy affects teenager’s physical health

1. Teenage pregnancy increases risk for pregnancy complications (citations).

2. Teenagers do not know how to watch changes in their health and health conditions (citations).

IV. Point 2: Teenage pregnancy affects teenager’s social health

1. Teenage pregnancy comes along with social stigma (citations).

2. Teenage pregnancy exerts financial burden to the teenage and their families (citations).

V. Point 3: Teenage pregnancy affects teenager’s mental health

1. Teenage pregnancy predisposes the teenager to stress and depression (citations).

2. Stress and depression are core causes of mental health issues (citations).

VI. Point 4: Physical, social, and mental health have direct impact on each other

1. Mental health problems are correlated with social and physical health problems (citations).

2. Stress and depression can manifest themselves in physical form (citations).

VII. Point 5: Teenage mothers are more predisposed to more stress and physical health

1. Many teenage mothers lack adequate social and financial support (citations).

2. Financial and social problems often correlate with poor childcare, dropping out of school, unhealthy lifestyles, etc. (citations).

VIII. Conclusion

1. Restatement of thesis: Teenage mothers are at a high risk for mental and physical health problems for the rest of their lives.

2. Clincher statement: Society needs local educational campaigns; educators need to address this situation and seek methods for curbing teenage pregnancy in order to promote healthy lifestyles among teenagers, and should educate students on the impacts of teenage pregnancies.

Tips for Writing a 5 Page Paper

Now that you know how to develop the outline of a 5 page paper, you can go ahead and write the paper.

The writing process requires observing key tips.

Accordingly, some of the key tips you should observe when writing a 5 page paper include:

1. Brainstorm on the topic

You should in great heights exercise your imagination and thinking on the academic paper topic under review.

Brainstorming is critical in providing a comprehensive picture of what you should be dealing with.

Remember to keep notes when brainstorming.

Key issues to deliberate on when brainstorming include:

1. The meaning the topic has to you.

2. The purpose of writing on the particular topic.

3. Potential challenges to come across when writing on the topic.

4. Potential solutions to these challenges.

5. Views of others on the topic.

6. Potential unique perspectives about the topic.

7. Availability of relevant sources.

2. Create a comprehensive outline

Before writing, you should come up with a detailed outline of a 5 page paper.

The outline should guide you on the content to include, where it helps you effectively remain on course.

Note that outline making is a trial and error process that should allow you to experiment with different potential outlines before settling on the most appropriate.

Accordingly, when creating the outline you should come up with:

1. Thesis statement

2. Main points

3. Start with the thesis and the body

It is advisable to write the thesis statement first.

You should then write the body before going ahead to write the introduction and finishing with the conclusion.

4. Keep in mind the thesis when writing

You should always consider the thesis when writing every single paragraph and sentence of the 5 page paper.

It is necessary to note that all your work must converge towards the thesis.

5. Use transitions effectively

Transitions should be well used throughout the 5 page paper.

Transitions within the main point, between the main points/ paragraphs, and between examples/ evidence should be used appropriately.

Such use is essential in enhancing the flow of the academic paper.

6. Rewrite and proofread your work

It is important to go through the 5 page paper to help determine whether all information included is relevant and adequate.

Remove meaningless information and supplement the inadequate one.

Also, correct writing errors and ensure that the paper flows effectively.

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