Intend to use an AI Writer?

Facing challenges with AI generated content? If yes, you are not alone!

As writing experts, how many professionals and students have we heard the plea “help rewrite my essay without AI detection” from?

Quite many!

So, what’s the problem? Lack of knowledge on how to leverage AI writing tools?

Do you know how to write an essay without AI detection?

How do you intend to approach the problem? Work with an AI free writer? Buy an essay?

Problem with AI Generated Work

For many colleges, AI generated essays and academic assignments are a problematic area.

Should AI be embraced or discouraged?

The answer lies in what the institution intends to achieve with the written assignments.

In most cases, such assignments are designed to help develop the student’s writing skills.

AI could enhance or negate all this.

For most colleges and universities, presenting AI generated work is considered cheating.

Many students have been flagged and punished for this.

This has prompted many to look for someone to “rewrite my essay without AI detection”.

Why all this?

As earlier observed, assignments are supposed to serve a specific purpose.

This is whether it is a research paper, essay, or a first year college assignment.

Note that college essays are supposed to reflect:

  1. Personality
  2. Unique perspectives
  3. Originality

If your essay or research paper does not reflect these traits, it can be easily flagged as inauthentic.

Note that AI essays are considered academic impropriety.

The consequences of academic integrity breach could be dire!

How AI Essays are Detected

There are various features that make AI essays easy to detect.

These features are the main reason why students seek someone to “rewrite my essay without AI detection”.

Writing in the modern era has to consider all these features.

Accordingly, if you are able to navigate these features, you are good to go.

They include:

1. Coherence and unnatural flow problems

Learning how to write an essay without AI detection must factor in the flow of the essay.

One of the main challenges facing AI is generating content with a logical flow and naturally connected ideas.

Although there are improvements on coherency, AI tools still produce illogical and disjointed essays.

It is still impossible to seamlessly connect ideas.  

This makes it easy to detect AI.

This presents a major problem for individuals looking for an essay writer without AI.

2. Inconsistencies in writing style

Inconsistencies are another reason for the need for an expert to “rewrite my essay without AI detection”.

Professors and college instructors have read hundreds if not thousands of essays and can easily tell inconsistencies in the writing style.

With AI, it is usually difficult to retain a consistent writing style since content is gathered from different sources.

A keen eye will always be able to identify such inconsistencies.

3. Inconsistent and overgeneralized content

In some cases, it is difficult for AI writing software to generate consistent content.

This involves incidences where very specific information is required.

For example, it is impossible for AI to produce essays that reflect your personal experiences.

AI only produces generalized content without concrete examples.

Such content reflects the limitations of AI.

4. Complex vocabulary and poor sentence structures

The use of complex vocabulary often in places that makes sentence look awkward is another reason for students to look for someone to “rewrite my essay without AI detection”.

AI is prone to abuse of vocabulary.

It is easy to spot arbitrary use vocabulary where more simple words could have been more suitable.

As well, AI writing software can generate convoluted sentences.

Such sentences are unconventional and easy to spot.

How to write an essay without AI detection

As earlier mentioned, AI writing software can be an essential tool for writers.

When used the right way, it can enhance productivity.

However, poor understanding of how to use the technology continues to force many to seek an expert to “rewrite my essay without AI detection.”

So, what are some of the effective approaches?

They include:

1. Avoid repetition

Repetition is one of the obvious signs of AI generated content.  

Therefore, to help evade AI detection, it is prudent to avoid recurrent sentence structures and phrases.

This can be done from the beginning by giving instructions to ChatGPT or the AI writer you are using.

In general, what brings up the need for someone to “rewrite my essay without AI detection” is the resulting formulaic language.

You should steer away from the usual robotic-sounding language associated with AI writing software.

If you can avoid templates and patterns, you should be good.

Strive to keep your conversations as organic as possible.

This can be done by increasing the diversity of the words and sentences in your work.

2. Don’t allow AI to write everything

As a tactic, breaking down content into smaller segments when writing using AI software helps lower the chances of detection.

You should not just lump up all the instructions and wait for the AI writer to produce the content.

Instead, generate smaller sections separately.

This way, the content assumes a more natural feeling, and makes it difficult to be flagged as AI-generated.

With each segment generated separately, it is easier to revise and improve the text’s quality.

This makes it even harder for AI detection.

In some cases, you can even opt to write some of the segments yourself. This would require you to do away with the AI generated content and add human-written content to help add nuances.

3. Add personal touch

One of the most effective ways of avoiding AI detection is adding a personal touch to the content.

You should aim to personalize the content.

If you add personal experiences and anecdotes, most likely you won’t need someone to “rewrite my essay without AI detection.”

The personal experiences and anecdotes gives the essay more authority.

Note that it is difficult for AI to portray personal experiences in a manner that reflects human mind.

The experiences and anecdotes also make the essay more interesting and captivating for the readers.

The instructor is likely to relate with the essay when you include experiences that you only know about.

By using such experiences and anecdotes, you are able to effectively back up your points and arguments.

4. Re-write the content

To avoid being flagged for AI-generated content, you should consider writing the essay before you presenting it as your work.

Why look for an expert to “rewrite my essay without AI detection” while you can do it yourself?

Going through the essay to ensure that everything looks natural could save you all the trouble.

This can be done manually or using other AI writing tools.

Note that although rewriting an AI essay could be challenging, it is worth the effort considering that being flagged off could lead to severe consequences.

Otherwise, you could opt for paraphrasing tools.

With all the potential challenges, you will have to consider whether AI essays are even worth it.

Essay Writer without AI

In case where using AI is a problem, an essay writer without AI comes in handy.

There are various strategies you can utilize when writing an essay on your own.

They include:

1. Develop a unique writing style

As earlier noted, writing style is one the main factors that distinguishes an essay written by a person from an AI essay.

Indeed, unoriginal writing style is the main reason why most seek an expert to “rewrite my essay without AI detection”.

Sentence structure and tone are key elements in a writing style.

Usually, the writing style (sentence structure and tone) in an AI software feels more generic.

An essay writer without AI should be able to develop and showcase a unique writing style.

The writer should express their viewpoints and analysis in ways that reflect their personal voices.

Such an essay should reflect character, making it more memorable and engaging.

Authenticity can be realized through means such as:

  1. Personal interpretation of a topic
  2. Mixing sentence structure and length
  3. Creative structure
  4. Using a natural way of writing

Such authenticity cannot be replicated by AI.

2. Use different sources

Using different sources is another important feature of an essay writer without AI.

All good essays are founded on solid research.

Lack of research is the main reason why people look for someone to “rewrite my essay without AI detection”.

AI generated essays are generally summaries of the most common sources.

Instead, you should evaluate all sources, including primary and secondary sources.

You should utilize sources such as:

  1. Academic databases
  2. Libraries
  3. Books
  4. Scholarly articles

The different sources ensure that your essay is not monolithic in approach.

They help enrich the essay by fostering a better understanding of the subject.

As well, they promote a deeper and diverse exploration of the topic.

3. Express critical thinking

Another factor that distinguishes person written essays is critical thinking.

Although AI can collate information and ideas, it cannot critically analyse things the way human beings can- or at least we are not there yet.

The inability to reflect critical thinking is indeed one of the reasons why some look for an expert to “rewrite my essay without AI detection”.

So, how do you overcome this?

The best approach is to evaluate the subject objectively, examine how ideas relate to each other, and analyze sources in a critical manner.

This way, an essay writer without AI can produce a more authentic-looking essay.

4. Seek feedback

Feedback helps enhance the originality of your essay.

You can request a peer, mentor, expert, or educator to go through your essay and provide feedback.

Such feedback can help identify errors usually associated with AI.

Note that writing errors force most to look for someone to “rewrite my essay without AI detection”.

Whether it is sentence structure or tone, feedback can help identify areas to improve on.

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