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Personal statements are the tools admission board members use to determine an individual’s suitability in joining an institution. As such, the board is looking for certain information from the personal statement. Such information includes:

a) Reasons behind your interest in pursuing a course; where one should clearly illustrate well-founded interest, inspiration in the pursuit of the course, as well as the zeal to pursue it.


b) Why and how you stand out, where this entails explaining what makes you the most suitable candidate. In this, you should depict in-depth understanding of the course and its practice.


c) Respective outside class activities and relevant learning experiences, whereby, you should expound on your ability to function outside a classroom setting and the ability to acquire relevant knowledge and skills in such settings.


d) Long-term goals and transferable skills, where it is important to lay down your long-term goals regarding the course you intend to pursue as well as the relevant transferable skills essential in this endeavor.


Key Attributes

Some of the key attributes that make a personal statement appealing enough entail.

a) Specificity is an important attribute and entails ensuring that every statement made is backed up by specific reasons. You should demonstrate how the claims you make are true or how your goals are realizable.


b) Coherency and correct grammar is as well important. The personal statement should be flawless and with limited grammatical errors. Incoherent personal statements are a put-off while grammatical errors indicate lack of seriousness.


c) Narrate a story. This entails ensuring that your personal statement is interesting enough to capture the attention of the admission board member(s). Your personal statement should be interesting and persuasive.


d) Founding the personal statement on an angle, where you should find a way of making it unique. This encompasses finding unique life perspectives and relating them to your suitability for the course you intend to pursue.



When approached in the right manner, writing a personal statement is easy and fun. This approach could be defined by such steps as below.

a) Brainstorming on the unique and special attributes of your life, which is important in ensuring that your narrative captures the interest of the admission board.


b) Gather an insight on the personal journey that has shaped your life goals. This may include the challenges or opportunities in your life that have influenced the way you perceive different issues.


c) Understand when you started developing an interest in the course you want to pursue. This should illustrate the point at which your challenges or opportunities transited into interests in educational pursuits.


d) Find out whether there are inconsistencies in your education life that need explaining. This is important in avoiding incidences that raise questions among the admission board members.

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